December Solstice 2017—Women Stepping into their Power. The Time is Now.

Sirius_A_and_B_Hubble_photo_fullUnless you are asleep or completely disconnected from the current vibe, you must have noticed that it is time for women to take back our power. All women, of all color, race, religion, political affiliation, belief, all who call themselves women and all who love women. It’s time.

This December Solstice 2017, Thursday December 21, (check your local times for the exact time of solstice and the exact time of sunset on this day)it is important to amp this energy up with the most positive intention we can to really help shift things on this planet. (more…)

Introducing Strega Tree Apothecary and Our line of Protective Balms

square protective balmWe are very excited to announce the opening of Strega Tree Apothecary by introducing four products from our Protective Balms line.

Strega Tree Apothecary crafted these products with the guidance of the wedeme, kontomble and ancestors, to help ease the trauma in the collective field. All the products were given to us through divination; direct remedies from the spirit world to you. Each remedy comes with specific instructions and ritual for use that will be sent to you upon purchase. We offer free shipping on any order of $60 or more. (This applies only to addresses within the continental U.S.) 

Please proceed to the shop on our website to learn more or use the individual links below. (more…)

Creating and Tending to a Family Ancestor Shrine

A Family Shrine

A Family Shrine

One does not need to be an initiated diviner to create and tend a family ancestor shrine. In fact, everyone can benefit by carrying out this practice. And if you have children, young or old, this is a great gift to them as well. It can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

In this blog post I will speak a bit of why I think this is true and then give some ideas and suggestions for how to easily create and maintain such a shrine or altar.

The Importance of Honoring Our Ancestors

An ancestor shrine or altar is a place to honor and remember those who came before us and gave us life. it is because of them that we are here and, in part, they have made us who we are. (more…)

Tree Work to Support Our Life

IMG_1640There’s a kind of work that I do and recommend to others that I call Tree Work.

Daily Tree Practice: Sit quietly and visualize yourself as a tree. Visualize your roots going deep into the soil, into the Earth. Visualize yourself grounded and rooted–nourished by the Earth. Visualize your branches as reaching out all around you and to the sky, taking in nutrients, perspectives, beauty, rain, sunlight, sounds, the breeze, the footsteps of birds, animals and children in your branches. Visualize yourself as one with all the rest of the Earth, not separate or apart, but rather a part of. (more…)

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