Congratulations to Strega Tree Diviner Vivien Monroe and Priestess extraordinare on the launching of her new Mystery School. Vivien is offering a 10% discount on her new class about Lilith to friends of Strega Tree. Use code STREGATREEVIP to access this discount here. More about mystery school and class below.

Vivien Monroe, Ph.D. is an author, educator, and priestess of the Divine Feminine. She integrates her training as a priestess and gifts as an intuitive and channel with decades of study of spirituality, mysticism, and personal growth. She is passionate about helping women to tap into greater reservoirs of inner power, honor their intuitive wisdom, and unapologetically live life on their own terms.

Vivien found this path after spending years working in the corporate and educational sectors. She was a chronic overachiever and felt that the only way to succeed was through masculine ways of doing and being: competition, pushing through, working harder, and longer. She was cut off from her inner feminine, which resulted in increased fatigue, anxiety, and clinical depression. Through her spiritual work, she learned to integrate her feminine and masculine aspects. This focus on bringing balance through supporting the feminine is woven into her work with clients, using both her intuitive wisdom and rigorous critical thinking and organizational approach.

Vivien is a regular speaker at conferences and events for women, including the American Academy of Religions, the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology, and Faith and Feminism.

The Women’s Mystery School:
At the Women’s Mystery School we believe that knowledge is power and through the mentorship of women leaders, visionaries, and healers we can embark upon the path of spiritual decolonization. The school offers community, resources, and wisdom teachings to encourage women to discover and reclaim their Divine Feminine lineage and become the wise women the world needs.

The Women’s Mystery School was created to support the spiritual emancipation and empowerment of women. For far too long the Divine Feminine has been hidden, shamed, or demonized. The impact this has on the psyche of women is immeasurable. Our stories have been suppressed, our lineages broken, and we are left looking for crumbs and not entirely finding where our voice, our wisdom, and our magick fit within the world.

NEW CLASS ABOUT LILITH with Vivien Monroe Ph.D:

Learn more here.

Lilith is a powerful ancient figure who appears in various forms throughout history – as a wind spirit, handmaiden of the goddess Inanna, first wife of Adam, night demon, and succubus. Her presence is untamed and she embodies a powerful example for women of shameless sovereignty, liberation, and embracing the erotic for one’s own desires instead of becoming an object for another’s pleasure.

In this course, you will learn about Lilith and develop a more intimate relationship with Her. She will encourage you to stand in your power and live on your terms, shattering any patterns of self-betrayal and self-abandonment. She invites you to reclaim yourself and live a self-determined life.

This home study includes:

  • 7 pre-recorded classes: Module 1 History & Mythology, Module 2 Working with Lilith as an Archetype, Module 3 Magick & Ritual with Lilith
  • A guidebook designed to deepen and enrich your experience of the course
  • 4 Meditations
  • Resources for continued study
  • Access class with 10% discount here. Use code STREGATREEVIP


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