It’s great to have a place to interact directly with the elemental beings (fairies, gnomes, fey, elves,sidhe)and bring them gifts and food.  They are frisky. Be warned: Things can begin to move around in your home. Conversely you may suddenly find things you thought you lost. But ultimately this is a heart connection. Under these tricky deeds is a being wanting to know your heart. Wanting to trust you. A shy being that wishes to befriend you.

It is true, not all elemental beings like us or want to play with us but those kind won’t come to the call. Some indeed want to be left alone, have nothing to do with humans. Then there is no need to interact with them, unless you are bothering them and they let you know. Of course you should listen to that but with this particular shrine and the following ritual, don’t be afraid to call the wrong kind because they simply won’t come to an invitation to friendship.

For this shrine you will need:

  • rocks, shells, coins,
  • A place: a tree, a bush or if indoors, a plant
Making the Shrine:
  • Outdoors

Put a small rock at the base of a tree or bush. Arrange it nicely with small ornamental shells around it or pretty stones, acorns or pine cones.

  • Indoors:

A dark space or plant or fairy house will do. Create with items listed above in outdoors shrine.

  • Open the shrine

They love metal. So when you open the shrine, offer a few coins under the rock or tucked into the Earth. Simply tap on the Earth, or stones if indoors, with a stick or your fingers and call to them, telling them you want to be friends. You want to get to know them.

  • Some ways to know that they have come and are around: your garden seems happier, the plants seem stronger, there is more vibrance and life. You feel silly and giddy, dare I say happy? You find yourself wanting to play more, to dream more, to lollygag about and dream more. You may begin to hear their voices or feel you intuit something from them.
  • Begin to leave them gifts, honey, birdseed, more coins or milk at the shrine. You will feel them, they will come.
Ritual for Beginning to form a Relationship with the Elemental Beings

If you prefer not to open a shrine but would like to interact with the elemental beings and get to know them you can do the following.

For this ritual you will need: a coin

Beginning to understand and feel the presence of these beings all around you is the first step. Most notably present out in nature and wild places, by the water or on the mountain, they also inhabit our cities and suburbs.

Simply begin to carry this intention. That you wish to connect with friendly elemental beings. Then add that intention to a quarter or coin, holding it in your hand and directing that intention into it. After carrying that quarter around for bit, leave it at the base of a tree, under a rock or offer it into the water. Release expectations. Be surprised.


©Theresa C. Dintino,  January 2020


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Theresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work. Theresa is the author of seven books which include her Tree Medicine Trilogy. Learn more about her books here.


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