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In a community-theme divination recently carried out by the Strega Tree collective, the Wedeme told us the oceans are experiencing severe blockage of their natural flow. We need to help with this. One of the rituals given was this simple one listed below.

Human actions have interfered with the patterns of the oceans. This ritual will help eliminate the pattern of blockage from the oceans by returning them to their original pattern.

To understand more about original patterns please see this blog post: Working with the 6th Dimension to Restore Original Patterns or Change Collective Agreements

We all know the oceans are in trouble. Wedeme accentuate: Don’t dwell on what has gone wrong. Rather, focus on what can be done to help and get to work. The point here is to hold the oceans in their highest articulation.

This reminder from the Wedeme is concerned with which way we focus our energy. It is not to say things have not happened that were wrong and out of alignment, and that there are not those to blame but, frankly, we only have time to move forward.

Medicine people should take notice of this. Spending energy on what went wrong or who has done us wrong is truly wasteful of our gifts, and even a distraction. We must, instead, get down to the work of restoring balance. For a medicine person, that means on the energetic planes.

Here is the ritual:

You will need:

*Two shells (Before doing the ritual, clean and clear these shells by leaving them out in water in the sunlight for a number of hours.)

*Some water from the Ocean (apologies to those who do not live near an ocean but it does need to be actual ocean water for this ritual. If you don’t live near an ocean but live near a river, you may change the ritual to a healing for the rivers using your local river water.)

*Two small bowls that can nest within one another

*Fresh or rain water. (If you do not have fresh or rainwater, you can clean water by leaving it out in the sun for 8 hours.)

In this ritual, the two shells will become the ancient ancestors of all shells. These two shells will be called upon to hold the pattern of the oceans before there was blockage. We are going to call on the ancient ancestors of all shells that have never known the pattern of blockage.

How to do this?

When you are ready to do the ritual, take the shells and call the pattern of no blockage into them. You do this by holding them in your two hands and calling on the ancient ancestors of all shells. Really hold this intention as you call these ancient ancestors into the shells. Literally speak this into the shells: “I am calling on the ancient ancestors of these shells that never knew the pattern of blockage. I am calling you into these shells to come and help heal this pattern in the oceans.”

The inside (smaller) bowl has fresh water. Place the two shells that now have the original pattern in them into this water. Place that bowl inside the larger bowl and add the ocean water to the outside bowl. The shells will imprint the ocean water with this healthy, original pattern.

Water is “coherent,” meaning that what happens to water anywhere, all water feels. By returning this healthy pattern back into this little bit of ocean water, all water will receive this blessing.

Leave for a complete 24 hours on a shrine you already care for. If you do not have a shrine, designate a place for this bowl to sit while the ancestor shells do their work of healing.

After the 24 hours, you may offer the water to the Earth in a place you feel drawn to.

Do this ritual 7 times, using the same shells. When you are complete with it, you may clean and clear the shells again and return them to their previous use or offer them to the Earth by burying them.

You may find, as I did, that you receive a healing as well when you carry out this ritual.

~Theresa C. Dintino and The Strega Tree Collective

© Theresa C. Dintino 2016

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