If there is “turbulence” in the “waters” of your immediate or extended family or community, meaning conflict, toxicity, disagreement or worry— anything that is stirring the waters and creating unrest—you can restore calm with this ritual. 

This is one way to work with supporting the family and community membranes. This ritual was given to Theresa by the elemental beings of the wild, the wedeme, in a divination.

You will need:

  • A willow wand (instructions for making one below)
  • A bowl (about the size of a medium sized mixing bowl) You may decide to designate a specific bowl to this purpose only, making it a shrine 
  • Water–this is a water ritual. It is the water that is doing the healing
  • Medium sized stones or small cowrie shells (one to represent each person who is in conflict or needs healing)
  • You may be asked to also have essential oils or fresh herbs in the water as well

The Ritual:

  • Decide how many individuals need this healing. If it is a large group or groups of people, you may designate one stone per group. Each stone represents a “party” in the conflict or issue at hand. You can also carry out this ritual for one singular person or yourself, as well. It is useful for any person or people who are unsettled to whom you wish to offer calm.
  • Fill your bowl with warm, clean water. This represents the waters that all are swimming and enmeshed in together. Natural or rain water is always most preferred. If you do not have those you can use filtered water or water that has been left in the sun for one full day. 
  • Begin by bringing yourself to a place of calm, stillness and inner peace.  Once you have arrived at this place, begin stirring the water with the willow wand alone, with no stones in it. You are stirring stillness, quiet, and peace into the water. Feel yourself coming to a place of further calmness and peace as you do this. This is the power and direct healing of water. You may ask the warm water to spread this energy and vibration of peace, calm and stillness to your immediate surroundings and then to go wherever it is needed.
  • Slowly add one rock at a time, continuing to stir the water with the stones in it with the willow wand, saying “shhhh, I offer calmness, calmness to the situation, calmness to the parties involved. May this water bring peace, restore calm. Shhhh, hush now. The turbulence is now brought to calm. Peace.”
  • A note of clarification: Carrying out this ritual does not mean we are sweeping issues under the carpet or bypassing what needs addressing. Instead, we are bringing the parties to a place where they can begin to have discussion or to allow healing to begin. If we come to the table or try to affect healing with turbulence in our hearts, nothing will be resolved.
  • The intention is to restore some calm so that things may be resolved. 
  • Once complete with the stirring, it is good to leave it all in the bowl overnight,(under the stars and moon if that is easy) to further settle. 
  • Once complete, offer water to a tree or shrine. 
  • Keep stones for future use. Allow wand to dry and store with your magical tools.
  • If the conflict is deeply embedded, you may need to carry this ritual out multiple times with different configurations. 
  • Things take time and resolve in ways other than we imagine. Let go of any need for a desired outcome.

Making the Willow Wand

Gathering the Sticks

Willow is a highly medicinal tree and its branches commonly used by witches and other magical people for wands throughout time.

Your wand should be approx 13 inches long and about inch in diameter

Take your cutting from new growth that is in an upraised position. We want to be sure they contain the life force within them when we cut them. As you cut them or before, ask the tree for permission to use part of it for a sacred tool. Name the specific intention the tool will fulfill. 

“Helping to promote peace on earth.”

Always offer when you take. Make an offering of water or ash at the base of the tree in exchange.

Cut the sticks into the appropriate length. You may leave or strip the bark. Do it right away if you choose to strip. It will be much easier. Offer the removed bark back to the earth.

Allow the sticks to dry.

Once dry, whittle one end of the stick into a sharpened point, like a pencil. This makes it easier to stir with. You may whittle the whole stick more if you want to. I like to use sandpaper to make it smooth. Add decorations or power objects of your choice or as you are directed to by your guides. Hold the intention for its use in your consciousness as you prepare the wand. Imbue it with the properties you wish for it to carry. Always treat your wand with respect. It will acquire more power the more you work with it.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

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