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This root tonic has been blessed by the Inner Earth Healer.

This Fiery cider accelerates healing of wintertime colds, flus and springtime allergies by boosting the immune system.  To receive the full potential of this tonic, you will do a simple meditation before taking your dosage.  This is like hitting a reset button on your immune system.

To do so, you will close your eyes and first ground into the Earth.  Sending your roots down deep, you offer gratitude to the healing potential of the Inner Earth.

Now bring your attention up into your body and feel your heart space.  Pause as you flex your love muscle.

Next root into the space above.  Connect through your crown to the sun, stars and moon.

Visualize this shape. 


Allow the central point of the two triangles to meet at a point in your stomach.

The lower triangle reaches to the center of the Earth and the upper triangle draws down the sky energy.

Now take approximately 1 Tablespoon of tonic.  Open your eyes and go about your day.

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