On this solstice day we honor returning to the light.

One of the major lessons that we have learned from the Elemental beings and the Earth through divination is the role that we are playing to transmit light into the Earth through our human bodies.

There is already a natural process that occurs as light enters the cells of a body, but what we refer to is taking a conscious step to connect in a deeper way.

There are many practices that allow you to run energy through your body. Grounding exercises allow you to actively connect to the Earth and often focus on moving light and breath from the crown, through your body into your roots and deep into the Earth. It is our belief that there is a source energy within the Earth. We refer to this as the Inner Earth Healer. This energy exists to help in the ascension of all living beings and Gaia herself. By feeding this goddess energy with the light of our own being we feed the Earth in a powerful way.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s Inner Earth Blends help to attune the body to allow light frequencies to optimally flow through the chakras and enter the Earth charged with our energetic signature. This encoded light frequency is the optimal offering to our own guides to feed them with love and light for the work that they undertake on our behalf. The elemental beings, little people, or in this tradition, wedeme and kontomble, work on the level of the Inner Earth. When they sense that we have committed to align our personal paths with helping tend the Earth, they will hasten their own efforts to bring messages our way and support us on our journeys. We all access that information in different ways.

For some, it might come as a voice that feels outside of ourselves. For others, it may be a tingling sensation like chills. Often their messages come as a synchronistic occurrence to let us know that we are on track. The Kontomble certainly appreciate offerings of food, ash, honey etc. but to fully receive these – they like for us to attune our light bodies.

In this modern day and age it is growing more challenging to stay attuned. We get pulled out of alignment with our highest self by the media, illness, and over indulgence. The Inner Earth Healer has been gifting us with new remedies to help cleanse the body of all negative obstructions to functioning in our most enlightened capacity. Strega Tree Apothecary’s Aberewa’s Below Tonic is a spicy fire cider based on a traditional recipe made popular by Rosemary Gladstar. The organic blend of roots and apple cider vinegar ignites the immune system so that it can fight toxins and illness in the body.  Stay tuned for our Auric Shield Mist that will help strengthen the protective membrane of the body to keep negative energy from the penetrating the body system. 

We hope that you take a moment to breathe into the space of the long dark night to discover what wants to come forth as the light returns. Your gifts are greatly needed at this time on Earth. May you find your own special way to radiate your inner light.

©Sarah Wieland 2017

Diviner Sarah Wieland

Sarah Wieland tries to put the tales and messages that come through in divination into words to share with others to help rebuild their relationships with their own guides.  As a new mom, she is particularly interested in ways to keep children connected so that they never have to shut down their own intuition.  She believes that remaining tuned in allows each individual to live a balanced and vibrant life following their own personal path.

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