Ritual for the Crone- Activating the Silver Crown

Ritual for the Crone- Activating the Silver Crown

This is a ceremony to honor a woman who has moved beyond the years of menstruation.

What you will need:


½ cup of olive oil

Paper and pens for each guest

2 or 3 large Leaves ex. Banana leaf, or flax- and either plant cordage or string

Red rose

Sun tea- women- white sage, elderberry fresh (when gathering ask the ancestors to reweave their web of support.) dried elderberry, dandelion, red rose, mint.

Sun tea if men are present (just for men)- white sage, oregano, thyme, mint, fresh fennel, dried and fresh elderberry.

Bucket or tub for a foot bath

Sesame oil

Honoring the Ocean

Honoring the Ocean

What can one say about the majesty of the ocean and how its very life is being threatened in the same sentence? And yet, that is the situation we find ourselves in, the tension and contradiction we must hold in these times.

As Rachel Carson wrote in her beautiful tome to the ocean, The Sea Around Us:

“It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life arose, should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life”(xiii).

Water is life and the ocean gave birth to all forms of biological life on this planet. Strega Tree Apothecary offers this bracelet and the ritual that comes with it to honor the ocean and allow the wearer be reminded of its beauty and majesty, to hold the ocean in highest regard. There is a prescriptive ritual included at the request of the Kontomble that will take you to the water’s edge to lean more deeply into this connection.

The Wolf, the Witch and the Wild

The Wolf, the Witch and the Wild

What is wildness? Wildness is the untamed and untamable. Wildness is not domesticated. Wildness is our true nature.

Wildness is what makes life possible. Some call it adaptation, random chance, chaos. But it is wildness. Random evolution and chaos are at the root of life systems, because from this wildness/chaos, potentialities are created that allow species to adapt to change. DNA has wildness in it that cannot be controlled even by genetic manipulation and that is how, in the context of unexpected changes in its environment, it thrives and life continues.

Wildness in a human is often thought to be a person who lives outside of cultural norms and customs. To me a wild human is anyone who is owned and defined by themself, in touch with their inner “daemon,” indwelling spirit or genius, as Mary Daly calls it. 

Journey To Your Home Star

Journey To Your Home Star

A guided meditation journey to visit and converse with your home star.

There is a lot going on as I write this (July 2020) and as I prepared this journey for you per request of my star and wedeme friends. Download this Guided Meditation Journey here.

It is a good time to check in and reconnect with the part of ourselves that still resides with our star of origin, to ask for wisdom, reassurance, a message, guidance  or simply touch in with the true vastness of our beings, in order to remain both wide open and deeply centered. Change is afoot. Phew. This will help you navigate it, open to it, breathe with it, become bigger to better handle the transformational shifts happening daily.