Terms and Conditions

The Strega Tree Pledge

Strega Tree Apothecary wishes to assure all of our customers that we use the medicine only for the highest good. All of our diviners have taken a pledge  of a pure heart and white belly. There are no hexes cast by Strega Tree, nor is any “black”, dark or dirty magic invoked ever within our circle. All medicines are made with the purest intentions and with non-toxic ingredients. Any effects that might seem negative that a customer notices after using a product are likely a remnant in the ancestral realm. Allow it some time to pass and heal. If it persists, you might consider a divination where we can take a more detailed look at the issue. If this is the case and the client wishes to pursue this further inquiry, they may contact the diviner of their choice through our divinations and diviners tag on the Strega Tree website.

If this is a serious medical condition that you are using this spiritual balm for, it does not replace visiting a practicing physician.

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