For this ritual you will need

  • Water: The water needs to be rain water, or water that has sat in the sun for a full day
  • A clear quartz crystal
  • A transparent glass jar with a lid
  • Dry white sage to burn
  • 8oz Hibiscus tea
  • A journal or notebook
  • A local place where you honor water

The 6th chakra is often called the third eye—the place above and between our physical eyes. It is what helps us access the other dimensions, other ways of seeing, perceptions beyond the ordinary 3D. If it is foggy, our perceptions can be skewed on all levels. Often the 3rd eye can become cloudy and need clearing. If one feels they are muddled and unclear in receiving information, the following ritual helps to clean this lens.


  • Hold the clear crystal to your third eye. Allow it to sync up, meaning the energies will eventually match.  Ask for the lens to be cleansed and purified. Ask for clarity of vision and the cleaning of intent.
  • Take the crystal away from your 3rd eye as if you are removing the lens from your forehead.
  • Put the crystal into the  jar of water. This is a “stand in” for the lens of your third eye and as it is cleaned so too will be the lens of your third eye.
  • Burn sage and cleanse it with the smoke around the jar once you put it in. 
  • Leave crystal in the water overnight. 
  • Let the jar of water with the crystal sit in contact with the Earth while you sleep. Pay attention to dreams overnight. These may indicate what it was that was foggy that is in need of clearing, or what you were being prohibited from seeing.
  • In the morning, make note of any dreams or information you received overnight.
  • Retrieve the crystal from the jar with the water. Put the lens back into your third eye by holding the crystal near your 3rd eye and asking it to return, cleansed and renewed. 
  • Later, in the following week or two, offer this crystal to the Ocean with one portion of 8oz hibiscus tea. If you do not live near the ocean, offer it to a place where you honor water.
  • The water that held and cleared your lens overnight is now medicinal. The alchemy that happens overnight is the medicine. You may be called to use the water as an offering or for healing at some future date.

This ritual can be carried out as often as needed.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

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