Dark Daughter

Our love was a raven

It delivered the dark gift

My soul awaited patiently

Like a bricklayer for his stone

Black Mother

Goddess of the Night

She grew heavy with child

Your sex tore at her door

And the birthing began

I was not prepared for the sight

Of the child

She frightened us both

The afterbirth went on and on

Time and again, the midwife

Came and went

Much blood was lost

I am just beginning to regain

My strength, my womanliness

Aching still, this unveiling

Leaves me humble and in awe

Of Her, sensitive and wild

Strong and delicate

Refugee and survivor

Who will not be silenced

By fear or pain

Her dark throaty cry

Cuts the air like a knife

She emerges from an ocean

Of light and longing

And breathes deeply

The crisp Fall air

At night Owl carries her

Back home to me

Under the dark moon Lilith

I tend to her lovingly

And watch her soften

Our eyes grow wide and tender

White owl remains close

Quiet now after nocturnal flight

Protecting the door to my heart

I, like a maid once again, pregnant

With mystery I call my own.

©Fran Carbonaro


Fran Carbonaro is a local voice teacher, who has taught privately in Sonoma County for 35 years. Fran works with both budding and seasoned singers, of all ages, in discovering, honing and saving their voices. She also assists trans women in finding their authentic voice. Over the years, Fran has appeared on stage in the county as a singer, actor and poet.  She can currently be reached through her teaching website:  setyourvoicefree.com     

Beginning in 2019, her new website:   francarbonaro.com  will combine her work as a teacher with her latest achievement, writing and recording a 14-track CD of spoken poetry and song.  It is titled:  I’m Still Alive. 


Voices of the Community are guest posts by members of our extended community who have important insights, perceptions and information to share about the multi-dimensional reality of life, the Earth, and the many beings we share it with. If you would like to contribute to Voices of the Community, contact us at info at stregatree.com



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