Annie Dintino

Nelson, New Hampshire

Annie is a seer, Italian wise woman and diviner in the Dagara stick tradition. She grew up in southwestern New Hampshire and still practices her medicine in her ancestral hometown there. Annie answered the call of becoming an initiated diviner in order to bring a unique earth-based healing to those in her community as well as others in need.

Annie has been on the path to becoming a diviner since the age of twenty. She was first called to the path in a stick divination years ago. From there, her Aunt, who is also a stick diviner and an Italian Strega, mentored Annie.

Annie comes from a long line of Italian Streghe/Janarre as well as Celtic seers. She is initiated in both of those traditions and continues to carry on her family’s medicines. She works closely with the Earth to deliver healings to those in need. Annie has a deep love of flowers, nature and animals. Her medicine is rooted in returning people and places to their original patterns; wild and free. View Annie’s line of Janarra Rising flower essences here.

Annie works with many tools in an effort to connect with a variety of needs. She works both remotely and in person as well as individually and with groups.

Annie has also created a line of Celtic Knotwork that may be viewed here.

Words of praise for Annie: I was struggling with a very pivotal decision in my life. I had been perseverating for months, unable to reach a conclusion. It was suggested to me that this was the perfect kind of dilemma for a six shell divination. The experience was amazing. I was hesitant about it at first, but as the divination unfolded, I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to finally make my choice. I am now on the other side of that decision, and could not be more sure of the choice I made. I’m so grateful I did this divination, and would come back again!

Read a Q & A with Annie here.

Annie is currently on maternity leave. She will post new offerings here once she is ready to begin providing spiritual consultation again.

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Diviner Annie Dintino

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