Eleni Nicholas

Occidental, CA

My history is magic, my lineages long and golden. The trees, plants, ancestors, spirits, elemental beings, rocks, water and the moon are my friends and have guided me always.

Leading me along my path with all their beauty, behind the skirts of the Divine Mother Great Goddess.

My ancestors’ healing words and my great-grandmother’s dreams have led me here. I aim to make them proud.

Born from a (Greek) father who was a storyteller & vision seer, and a (Scottish/ Irish/ German) mother who is an artist and listener of plants…

I’m a 3rd generation California native.
I currently live in Occidental Ca. (Coast Miwok/ Pomo land) In the redwoods of Sonoma County.
I grew up in Santa Monica (Tongva land) and in Ojai (Chumash land) and have been in Northern California half my life.

Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with energy, creativity, folklore, folk magic, herbalism, divination, superstition, magical systems, history of the first peoples, women’s spirituality, ancestral healing, ethnobotany, trauma healing.

I received my first divinatory kit at age 12- The Rune Stones and even though I had No idea what to do with them… I felt the magic!

I’m in love with the magic and “coincidences” in life. That electric feeling that you are on to something or something you wish for is on to you. It’s like a remembering in your bones that echoes out so loud and so bright that you have to pay attention.

This is what happened when I was “tagged” to become a Diviner.

It was like every echo and every tool I have gathered was preparing me for this path…

After 4 years of lots of rituals, healing and divinations with my mentor Theresa Dintino, I was initiated and am now a Stick Diviner

In a Stick divination, I help guide people to cultivate and remember their medicine and magic. It’s not all pretty and rosy though… sometimes and if you are willing-
You have to work through ancestral fuzz and your own shadows to clean up and/or even sever lines.

But that is where the healing begins.

Stick divination is a West African technology that was brought here from Malidoma Somé- from his village in Burkina Faso. His people are the Dagara and with their blessing, he brought this divination system to America with the intention to help us westerners. What a blessing it is!!

In a Stick Divination I work together with this beautiful Dagara lineage as well as my own Greek/Celtic lineages and my/your ancestors, guides, elemental beings (Wedeme, Kontomble, Fairies etc.) to bring any info that needs to be brought forth to you.

It’s prescriptive: You may be prescribed rituals for healing and for activation.

When not divining you can find me curating classes for the Sonoma County Herb Association, making art and herbal concoctions, nerding out on ancient history, folklore and magical systems and spending time with my cute family.
In the Spring/Summer I travel to Greece and love spending time in my ancestral villages collecting recipes, herbal remedies and spells and spending time with my elders.

Some of the tools in my basket:

  • Mentored in Stick Divination under Theresa Dintino who is a Strega (Italian witch/wise woman) 2018-present
  • Co-created a women’s New Moon circle in Sebastopol 2016-present
  • Initiated to Tell Oracle with Artemis and her Nymph
  • Studied Polarity Therapy at Heartwood Institute
  • Interned with Bruce Burger in Polarity and energy work
  • Reiki
  • Studied at California School of Herbal Studies
  • Volunteer and help out Kathleen Harrison at Botanical Dimensions as much as possible
  • Holder of the 4 Elemental Mothers Ceremony that came through Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis
  • Honored to be a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center For Sacred Studies.
  • Education Coordinator for the Sonoma County Herb Association
  • On the board of the Sonoma County Herb Association
  • Curator of ceremony- rites of passage for all stages of life, women’s circles, Blessing ways etc.
  • Doll Maker – Dolls Of Cuteness
  • Artist

Motto – Invoke Kindness!
Message from the Wedeme and Ancestors – “They are here, want to help and are soo so excited to work with you!”

Find Eleni on Instagram @oracle_and_bough
Or on her website: oracleandbough.com *Coming Soon*

Eleni is also available for land/house house clearings and blessings and to lead and or curate ceremonies for rites of passage at any stage of life, women’s circles, blessing ways etc.


To book a session, please contact Eleni using the form below


Stick Divination (around 2 hours)  $150
in person or remote


2-Shell Roll Check In (1/2 hour)   $35
in person or remote


Finding Divination for Birth or Death (around 2 hours)   $150

in person or remote


Group Divination  $200

In Person or Remote

(approximately 30 minutes)


Custom Herbal Sachets, Talismans and Charms  *Coming Soon*

Evil Eye Spell  *Coming Soon*

Contact Eleni

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Eleni Nicolas

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