Roya Candia

Silver Spring, MD

I am a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, and a medicine woman in the tradition of my Hungarian ancestresses. I feel like my moon medicine found me at a very young age, and I’ve been blessed that my connection to the natural world has been lifelong. It is my relationship with nature that saved me from the insanity of the world’s ups and downs.

My experiences led me to study the healing arts, and I fell in love. I have dedicated my life and career to seeking to nourish the beauty that comes with a reciprocal relationship with life. I practiced Massage therapy and Ortho-Bionomy® for a number of years, working with both humans and animals to increase their comfort, resilience, and wellness. I became a Somatic Coach after my years as a body-worker showed me how deeply folks are looking for healing, and how so many sources of pain show deep imprints of personal and collective history.

I studied Somatic Counseling Psychology as a means to deepen my understanding and skill in working with embodied trauma and generational pain. I am dedicated to helping people connect deeply with source, elemental beings, ancestors, and other living energies. I love the power that this ritual-based work holds in being able to create tangible, noticeable changes in ones way of being.

It is in this work that I have found my home. Connecting through ritual is simple and comforting and sane. We all have people who came before us. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done, and that wants to be done. It is an honor to provide a space where profound generational healing can occur safely and with the utmost of care.


Divination Prices

Stick Divination

remote and in-person  – Silver Spring, MD

$150 approx 2 hours

Voice Divination

$100 aprox 45 minutes in person only

Group Divination

$200 remote and in-person Silver Spring, MD

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