These dream pillows are handmade and filled with locally sourced herbs. They are inspired by the memory pillows in Theresa Dintino’s novel The Strega and the Dreamer. Theresa’s great-grandmother, the Strega, wished for us at Strega Tree Apothecary to make these for you.

Dream and Memory Pillow

This Dream Pillow is filled with spiritually activating herbs, stitched with care and then infused with Strega wisdom on the shrine of the Grandmothers. We have sourced our herbs from the local Sonoma County Herb Exchange.

Organic local Mugwort (for astral travel)
Organic local Oregano (for stimulation)
Organic local Lavender (for clarity)
Organic local Rosemary (for memories and protection)

Place under pillow while you rest or sleep, to enhance, protect and strengthen your dreamtime

If you wish you can use to direct dreams:

To call back memories of a medicine lineage Retrieve important information
Reveal potential options for your future
Answer a question you are holding


Each pillow comes with its own herb filled pillow inside a separate pillow case.
size: approx. 9 x 5 inches
3 patterns/colors to choose from: green silk, dogs with hearts, blue and purple silk

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dogs and hearts

blue/purple silk

green silk







Dream and Memory Pillows

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