Time and time again, our diviners are told to dance in the wild places. The Earth is marked by energetic ley lines that run like the rivers across the planet. We are shown that the energetics of the ley lines are broken and that one way to reactivate them is to dance barefoot upon the Earth. Our human bodies are like antennae that draw in the light of the stars and then beam this high frequency through our chakra system into the Earth below. The rhythmic pulsing and drumming of your feet on the soil- uninhibited by man made materials can awaken the minerals and send the energy back through the channels. So get out into nature- kick off your shoes, take a minute to ground and open up your crown chakra to the mysteries of the sky realm, and dance without abandon. For added impact- you can consider purchasing the StregaTree Healing charcoal from the Apothecary line. It is created in ceremony with multiple diviners and imbued with the energetics of the 5 Dagara Elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Wild. It is recommended to rub it into the souls of the feet before dancing on the Earth.

Sarah Wieland 2023

Image by Hudson Hintze

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