April 28th 6-8pm PST

$10-$30 Donation

A benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Association/Exchange

sign up and gets tickets for this online event here.

Theresa-dintino-divinerJoin Theresa C. Dintino in a live conversation about her great-grandmother’s teachings from the Strega tradition of Italy, including her favorite herbal allies, the meaning of the Cimaruta, (adorned branch of rue) the practice and deeper history of Stregheria, the importance of medicine lineages, the power of the trees and groves, and the biggest teaching of all: the membranes that support and nurture life systems in all their various forms.

Theresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman and witch), an initiated diviner in the Dagara tradition from West Africa, and the author of eight books, which include the novel, The Strega and the Dreamer, a Tree Medicine Trilogy, and her most recent book, Membranes of Hope: A Guide to Attending to the Spiritual Boundaries that Keep Life Systems Healthy from the Personal to the Cosmic. Together with Sarah Wieland, she co-founded Strega Tree Apothecary: ritual based remedies for reconnection to yourself, ancestors and the natural world. Theresa and her sister, Maria are the creators of Nasty Women Writers, a website celebrating and giving voice to powerful women of all times and places.

Learn more at stregatree.com, ritualgoddess.com and nastywomenwriters.com

The Sonoma County Herb Association/Exchange is a primarily volunteer run non Profit-Fostering respect for the green world and our community through the responsible use and sustainable cultivation of herbs

We are a Sonoma County community‐organized grassroots venture founded in 1999. Since our inception, we have provided fresh and dried botanicals to our local medicine makers, supported our local farmers, protected our agricultural biodiversity, and offered a healthful alternative for personal holistic self‐care. Organic medicinal herbs serve insect pollinators and predators, increase crop biodiversity, contribute to habitat enrichment, and restoration, and provide local income for farmers. SCHE provides a ready market for small growers, thereby helping community‐based, small farms in our area to remain sustainably in business. We actively assist and educate growers, thereby expanding their capabilities and their markets. We are a founding member of the Medicinal Herb Consortium and have pioneered the introduction of Chinese medicinal herbs to the U.S., as well as a number of specialty crops. We are a CCOF certified organic processor/handler.

Join our mailing list to receive monthly updates of specials and availability of fresh herbs! Find us at https://www.sonomaherbs.org or on our social media pages!


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