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Are you experiencing bad luck?

Do you feel that others may be talking behind your back?

Do you experience multiple mishaps that may lead to injury with no explanation?

Do you feel that you are in line for job advancement and the opportunity never quite presents itself?

Do you feel like you get close to a goal and yet seem to be blocked?

You will find that Strega Tree Apothecary’s evil eye remedy helps clear these blockages.

There are many ways negative energies can come towards us and affect our spiritual and energetic well-being. In the Italian tradition, this is called the “evil eye” or malochhio.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s evil eye remedy and ritual indicated for its use are designed to nullify and eliminate these energies as well as heal the places within us that are resonant with them.

Negative energies can only affect us if we carry a similar or resonant vibration within ourselves. Strega Tree Apothecary’s evil eye remedy aims for the deepest kind of healing.

This remedy is good for multiple uses. Use as needed. Do not use metal to remove or apply this product.


Becoming centered, focus on the energy that is coming toward you that does not have your best intentions in mind.

Offer a small amount of the remedy to the Earth asking that this unhelpful energy coming toward you receive a healing.

Stand and feel all the places where this energy lives in your body.

Apply the balm to the inside of each wrist asking for the places within you that are resonant with this vibration be healed.

If it feels right, you may also apply the balm to the back of your neck, front and back of your heart, and palms and bottom of feet.

Repeat multiple times as needed.

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