Rain pattering on the roof
As I rest in bed
Offering the earth sweet praise

~Theresa C. Dintino


Theresa C. Dintino and is a diviner and author of eight books, which you can view on the books page here. Check out her new book and oracle deck co-authored with Rauri Tor, The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon



Contribute to the project:

If you would like to contribute a Haiku to the Wild, Love Letter to the Earth, please send one in through the contact form here.

Haiku’s have 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again in the last.

If you would like to send in a short biographical statement and photo of yourself with the Haiku as well, that would be nice, but it is not required.

Read more about the Haiku’s for the Wild Project below.

Haikus to the Wild: love letters to the Earth

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