Roots across the path
The magic entry beckons
Leaves sing in the wind 
~Roya Candia

Roya Candia is a dreamer, an artist, a tender of the trees, a stick and voice diviner, a folk herbalist, and a somatic counselor and practitioner. Roya cherishes the gift of working with folks in support of healing legacy burdens and creating embodied connections with land, elemental allies, ancestors, and life as a whole. Listening deeply, she guides folks to embrace the gifts and wisdom of those who came before us through transforming generational patterns of harm and strengthening the joy and embodied power inherited from thousands of years of our ancestors’ love. Her work supports establishing and strengthening systems of community care through counseling, divination, ritual, tending the trees, and medicine making. With a belief that community must be encompass the whole spectrum of life in order to thrive, she is focused on rooting out and transforming the oppressive biases towards human superiority and white supremacy, opening pathways to embrace collective care, joy, rest, and a sense of reciprocal belonging within the larger tapestry of life.

Thank you Roya for being our first contributor.

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Haikus to the Wild: love letters to the Earth

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