In a divination, me (Theresa) and  Amy Tanzman were asked to write twenty-five Haikus or short statements expressing something that one could only experience while alive in a body on planet earth. In this divination and assignment, wedeme reminded us that everything that happens on earth is in relationship to something or even everything else. Life on earth is relational. “Try to capture this in these short statements,” they said. “Try to express those moments when you feel truly alive and it makes you grateful.”

Not sure who the wedeme are or what a divination is? You can read about it here: What is DIvination?

We had so much fun doing it that we want to share them with you and invite you to join us in writing these. We will publish one every two weeks on this blog and if you send in yours through the contact page, we will publish yours as well. You can find the contact page here.

We are calling them “Haikus to the Wild: love letters to the Earth.” 

A Haiku has the format of three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last. 

Let’s have some fun.

Following are two from each of us and a brief note about the experience of writing the Haikus to the Wild: love letters to the Earth:

Writing the haikus for the wild was a visceral experience for me(Amy). Each time I sat to write, I did a mini journey to a place in nature. I allowed my heart to lead me to a place in the wild where I felt connected and inspired. I visited the ocean, the forest floor, flowers,  animals and beautiful sunsets. The beauty of these experiences filled me with awe, and from this place of reverence, wonder and gratitude, I wrote my haikus. I received so much pleasure from this ritual and was able to move past any stories I tell myself that I’m not a poet. I hope you enjoy writing these love letters to the Earth as much as I did. 

The bees make love here
In the anthers of flowers
Eros in motion

Mycelium friend
Connected to all of life
The Earth speaks through you

I, Theresa, really enjoyed this assignment because it encouraged me to engage in a practice of deep listening and attention to experiences as they happen. It also encouraged me to ponder what it is about the moments I wanted to capture that were particularly compelling to me as an earth experience. It revealed the multidimensional and multilayered experience of the senses and the particular signature that is earth and embodied life here.

Owl hooting at sunset
Darkness descends

Geese sing as they fly
in V formation in sky
to a place called “home”


Amy was initiated as a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition in 2018. Developing a loving, reciprocal relationship with the Elemental beings  as well as her own lineage and ancestry, has given Amy the tools needed to assist others in their path towards healing and wholeness. Her  background as a highly skilled healer, allows her to finely tune into her client’s energetic fields during divination.



Theresa C. Dintino and is diviner and author of eight books, which you can view on the books page here. Check out her new book and oracle deck co-authored with Rauri Tor, The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon

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