Healing Charcoal is one of Strega Tree Apothecary’s strongest medicines to cleanse, heal, extract and metabolize negativity, toxins, poisons, ancestral trauma and karma. It works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies of humans as well as the earth. It is also an activator. It is filled with prayers to and from the particular power of each of the 5 elements : Fire, water, earth, mountain, nature.

Healing Charcoal is made through a long and laborious ritual. It is one of the highly precious and sacred medicines offered to us by the trees.

The image here shows it after it has been ground into a powder. Do not use metal to store, cut or grind your Healing Charcoal. We will send it to you in chunks that you may grind yourself. Sometimes it is nice to use the chunks to draw or write with or as an applicator.

Healing charcoal is something many diviners in the Dagara tradition in the US are taught to make when they are initiated. Until then, this magical, mysterious substance is handed to them in scarce quantities to indicate its preciousness.

It is made by initiated diviners only, in a potent ritual that cannot be shared here. But we can say its primary ingredient is tree roots.

“A little bit goes a long way.” It can be applied to the skin. Wedeme often advise people to put some over their hearts for a healing, to rub it over blocked chakras, where stuck energies in the body have been identified, over painful areas, on the 3rd eye to activate clairvoyance. Do not ingest.

It is also a powerful offering.

Strega Tree diviners prescribe rituals with healing charcoal regularly. It is also an ingredient in many of our products.

We decided to offer some of it in the Apothecary because its potent magic could be very useful in these times. You may purchase some here.

Many rituals in the book Membranes of Hope, call for healing charcoal as well as many of the rituals offered in the blog on stregatree.com

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