One of the products we are especially fond of at Strega Tree Apothecary is the Wedeme Heart Blend: Heart Opening. When we carried out the divination for the Heart Opening Wedeme Heart Blend, there was a baby present. Wedeme said the baby was dreaming of grass. “Grass is unique to this planet,” they said. “He is dreaming of this because it is about how things grow here. There is sunshine and dew. The plants absorb the sun to grow. He is learning how to grow.”

The outside of the Heart Opening Gift Package

Then the scene changed to a desolate, barren place. A chain came in to view with a lock on it. It was very thick metal. This place had the feel of an old, paved schoolyard. It was nothing like the beautiful grass. It was a wasteland. It felt abandoned. There was a path that was dry and desolate. Wedeme showed how some people’s hearts are in chains. They showed a chain-link fence around the heart with the lock on it. There were trees along the path but it was dry and stark with dusty gravel. A person was walking the path alone. The wedeme said, “ A long time ago you decided to go it alone and you left your heart under lock and key.”

This is what is being healed with the Heart Opening Remedy. Heart Opening is a gift package designed to bring opening to a human heart through meditation, ritual and surprise. A healing for trauma, grief, loss and sorrow. This package is a series of rituals designed to guide you to access the full potential of your heart. Approximate ritual duration: This ritual contains 10 steps which take between 5 to 30 minutes each spread over a duration of two weeks.

Learn more about this product by watching our YouTube video explaining it further here.

Where Did This Heart Wisdom Come From?

When we carried out the divinations for our line of Strega Tree Apothecary’s “Wedeme Heart Blends”, the wedeme taught us many things about the human heart. The wedeme, the elemental beings of the wild and land, are the beings that Strega Tree diviners interface with during stick divinations. In order to become a stick diviner one merges consciousness with one or more of these lovely beings with the purpose of serving the Earth and human communities with information that flows through subsequent divinations.

For this series of divinations, the subject was the human heart and ways that the wedeme feel humans can heal, open and better utilize that which they, the wedeme, call the “unexpected jewel in the cosmos.” The wedeme view the human heart as a unique and precious development that arose with the emergence and evolution of our species, quite unexpectedly, they say. They appreciate and honor our hearts and feel that we too should be more in awe of this precious jewel in our chests.

The inside of the Heart Opening Gift Package

The entity of Nyur in the Dagara tradition is a conjoined root representing soul rootedness. Wedeme love word play and in this divination they said that the Earth has a “Nyural Network” that keeps us all, always connected. If we stay tapped into the Nyural network, we are always fed and nurtured. We feel we belong and know our life purpose. The wedeme are always working to get humans reconnected to the planet. The entity of Nyur is called into the heart opening ritual and, together with the previous rituals for opening the heart, the final ritual in this package offer reconnection to the “Nyural network” of the Earth.

By being connected back up to the rooted life systems of the planet, a person feels whole again. We hope, if your heart needs opening, that you will take the wedeme up on this opportunity at the Heart Opening product page here.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

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