Each of us comes into this incarnation carrying what the wedeme call a “pattern of origin” or “soul origin pattern.” This we create together with the stars and star beings before we come into embodiment on Earth. This pattern serves as a guide and roadmap to our soul as we make our journey through this Earthly embodiment. Wedeme can see these patterns and help us return to or remember our pattern to more fully actualize our intentions for this Earth journey.

The wedeme want us to know: ”We were waiting for each of you. You are all very important. We want you to know you were meant to be here.” They are very concerned about the human heart and our alienation from this planet and our own lives.

 If we are disconnected from this pattern it can be painful and confusing.

Where Did This Heart Wisdom Come From?

When we carried out the divinations for our line of Strega Tree Apothecary’s “Wedeme Heart Blends”, the wedeme taught us many things about the human heart. The wedeme, the elemental beings of the wild and land, are the beings that Strega Tree diviners interface with during stick divinations. In order to become a stick diviner one merges consciousness with one or more of these lovely beings with the purpose of serving the Earth and human communities with information that flows through subsequent divinations.

For this series of divinations, the subject was the human heart and ways that the wedeme feel humans can heal, open and better utilize that which they, the wedeme, call the “unexpected jewel in the cosmos.” The wedeme view the human heart as a unique and precious development that arose with the emergence and evolution of our species, quite unexpectedly, they say. They appreciate and honor our hearts and feel that we too should be more in awe of this precious jewel in our chests.


Life experiences can conceal, disconnect or overwrite the soul origin pattern to the degree that we can’t remember why we chose to be here. We can feel disconnected from our own lives; that we are not living in alignment with our purpose. We may have forgotten what that purpose is. We can feel listless and not invested in our lives and work. We can feel frustration and confusion that we are not “where we should be.” From this we can sometimes even develop a suicidal ideation.

That is when we need to come back into alignment with our soul origin pattern. When we are interacting properly with it, the pattern is a resource, almost a library, for us to continuously pull information from. When we are no longer in alignment with it, we cannot find our true way. When we are in right alignment with our pattern of origin, we can share the pattern we came in with through the appropriate channels. Wedeme call this “actualizing the factuals” of our pattern.

The pattern is there, wanting to interact with and guide us.  It is meant to be in active feedback loop with our hearts. The Rapid Heart Movement Wedeme Heart Blend is designed to help with this. This product is now available here.

The wedeme say, “it needs to happen, it needs to happen, this feedback loop between the two, which keeps the heart beating—awakens the galloping of the white horses in our chests. It needs to be continuous. It is how you know what to do and feel inspired to stay alive.”

~Strega Tree Apothecary 2019

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