The human heart is a portal with guardians. It is important that we tend to our hearts and keep its guardians strong.

The guardians of the heart are the Nyamping. The Nyamping in the Dagara tradition are the old old ones, the ones closest to source energy who guard the gates, thresholds and transitional spaces in all the fractal dimensions of the universe. They have counterparts in other traditions including Jesus, ascended masters and some saints in the Christian traditions and dragons in the mythological realms.

Where Did This Heart Wisdom Come From?

When we carried out the divinations for our line of Strega Tree Apothecary’s “Wedeme Heart Blends”, the wedeme taught us many things about the human heart. The wedeme, the elemental beings of the wild and land, are the beings that Strega Tree diviners interface with during stick divinations. In order to become a stick diviner one merges consciousness with one or more of these lovely beings with the purpose of serving the Earth and human communities with information that flows through subsequent divinations.

For this series of divinations, the subject was the human heart and ways that the wedeme feel humans can heal, open and better utilize that which they, the wedeme, call the “unexpected jewel in the cosmos.” The wedeme view the human heart as a unique and precious development that arose with the emergence and evolution of our species, quite unexpectedly, they say. They appreciate and honor our hearts and feel that we too should be more in awe of this precious jewel in our chests.

The condition of our hearts will also affect which portals we have access to and which ones we can open. If our hearts are very wounded, we could open a negative portal. This can create the ability to hurt and inflict pain. Once open, it can continue to let more negativity through. The Nyamping are there to protect the portals but if our hearts are very wounded, these wise beings can be bypassed, allowing us to make unwise decisions, which can lead to destructive actions.

Attending to our hearts and caring for them should be a part of our regular self-care. Healing and sealing up the wounds that have created these cracks that allow negativity to live in our hearts assures we are not opening ourselves and others to harm.

All the Wedeme Heart Blends come with a sealant that creates and supports a healthy membrane around our hearts. This membrane attends to what our heart is open to and what we allow through. The glycerin in the blends carries tiny bits of light which act as a conductor to allow the Nyamping back to their proper place as guardians of our hearts.

The rituals that are prescribed with the individual heart blends provide the healing and the sealants offer the heart continued care and protection.

Adding our hearts into our regimen of self-care is encouraged as a beneficial practice for us all. Be sure to check out our line of Wedeme Heart Blends here. We are in the process of adding more so check back often.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

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