Honoring the Dagara

mudcloth-smallThe ancient practice of stick and voice divination travelled to us from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso. When we divine we use the teachings and protocol as they were given to us. Our ongoing practice with these divination systems allows us to listen for how this medicine wants to be carried in the Western World.

The critical and unique component of the form of divination we practice is the committed and intimate relationship with one or more elemental beings. To be a stick diviner, one “merges” consciousness with a Wedeme, an elemental being from the inner Earth. To be a voice diviner one merges consciousness with a Kontomble, an elemental being of the water. This collaborative relationship to elemental beings is a worldwide tradition of ancient Earth Medicine that has been lost to many cultures and is asking to be restored.

Because these forms of divination have been held in integrity for so long by the Dagara people, they have a very potent field. We are thankful for the generosity of this culture to share these technologies with us in the West, that we may more strongly remember our own lineages and come back into right relationship with the Earth.




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