How is your sensitive nature faring today?

It is of the utmost importance that we learn to nurture not just our physical body, but our energetic body too. The news, the countless wireless systems, and the fear about the degradation of the environment can greatly wear on our energy fields. The Strega Tree Collective recently completed 9 divinations that tapped in to the wisdom of the Elemental Beings on how to strengthen the membranes of the human body. These barriers protect and sustain the systems of the body so that they can function optimally despite our daily stress. We have been asked to share with you a simple technique to shield our defense system and our purpose.

Every living creature is born with a purpose. We may not all remember what that purpose is, but the map of it is stored in the stars and can be recovered. For many of us, our parents and our teachers wanted to mold us into beings who would fit into the world in the way that they thought would bring us the most success. Not very often was the child allowed to lead the way in its own learning path that was guided by the individual’s soul purpose. We learn our limits often by others using words like “can’t and don’t” rather than meeting our own edges. This negativity puts limitations on the individuals growth potential. Each person that attempts to fit into another person’s, or society’s, map to success often loses sight of their own true purpose.

As a person begins to drift away from their purpose, their inner light or radiance begins to dull. This radiance is source shining through us. When you feel like someone “lights up a room,” they are walking their true path. It can be challenging to hold that light when surrounded by somewhat dim energy fields. Almost out of envy for being closer to the light, others can purposefully try to obscure the brighter light. This message can help to protect you from this happening.

In the Dagara tradition, the Saazumwin are the beings from the “above realm” that connect us to the stars. Silver light has a certain frequency that is specific to the Saazumwin. Silver can help to illuminate our own path so that we are not so easily influenced to stray outside of that. We can be affected by others’ energy patterns through the third eye, or 6th chakra. The Saazumwin advise doing a third eye wash in silver light. Simply take a few moments in silence to envision a soft silver light bathing your third eye. This is the space between the eyes and just above the eyebrows and set at the middle of the head. Practicing this third eye bath regularly can help to call back your life’s purpose if you feel that you have gone astray. While picturing silver you can call your purpose back to mind from its safe storage in the stars.

© Sarah Wieland 2017

Diviner Sarah Wieland

Sarah Wieland tries to put the tales and messages that come through in divination into words to share with others to help rebuild their relationships with their own guides.  As a new mom, she is particularly interested in ways to keep children connected so that they never have to shut down their own intuition.  She believes that remaining tuned in allows each individual to live a balanced and vibrant life following their own personal path.

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