We are very excited to announce the opening of Strega Tree Apothecary by introducing four products from our Protective Balms line.

Strega Tree Apothecary crafted these products with the guidance of the wedeme, kontomble and ancestors, to help ease the trauma in the collective field. All the products were given to us through divination; direct remedies from the spirit world to you. Each remedy comes with specific instructions and ritual for use that will be sent to you upon purchase. We offer free shipping on any order of $60 or more. (This applies only to addresses within the continental U.S.) 

Please proceed to the shop on our website to learn more or use the individual links below.

Violation 2 image

Remedy to Heal Violation: More and more light is being brought to the issue of violation in our culture.Too many individuals have had to suffer in silence and bear the wounds alone. This remedy addresses some of the trauma that has been held by those who have been violated.

For the Mothers 2 image

For the MothersFor the Mothers is a soothing balm that can ease anxiety and offer nurturing and support for those involved in active mothering. This does not only apply to biological mothers. Anyone who is a nurturer and caregiver of other beings can benefit from this product.

Evil eye

Evil Eye RemedyThis product is influenced by the Italian belief in the persistence of il malocchio or Evil Eye.Though not always intentional, jealousy and longing for someone else’s life can cast a negative shadow onto that person that shows up as bad luck or obstacles. This balm can clear the obstacles and  the feeling of persistent bad luck and create an opening for the positive outcomes of your dreams and desires.

Big Offering

The Big OfferingThis product is meant to be used by you as a big offering to your ancestors, the land or an issue that requires a great sacrifice to bring balance and resolution once and for all. Because we in the postmodern world are not living in right relationship with the our animal friends, the Strega Tree Collective does not engage in the tradition of animal sacrifice. This remedy has been given to us as equivalent to the offering or sacrifice of a large animal.

Please stay tuned for our lines of Inner Earth Blends and Wedeme Heart Blends coming soon.

Thank you for your support.

The Strega Tree Collective

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