Beech Nut Bracelet

Celtic Knot Work is an ancient practice of using ritual knotting as a way to set intention and embed patterns of care and support into the completed piece for the benefit of the wearer.
Being of Celtic Lineage, Annie Dintino, a diviner in the Strega Tree Collective has created Janarra Rising Celtic Knotwork to create personal wearable knotwork imbued with beneficial energies for those who feel drawn to certain pieces. Currently she is offering bracelets and anklets.

Annie creates knotwork for many purposes and out of a variety of materials. From simple talisman to jewelry, each piece is imbued with meaning and support. Knotwork is used to strengthen intention. Each piece is ritually treated to strengthen the knot’s effects. Annie allows for materials, stones and beads to call to her. She listens for their messages and puts them out into the universe so that their true owners may claim them.

Rose Glass Anklet

Small Stone Ring Bracelet

This first series, pictured here, is “The Grounding Series”: This series is intended to be grounding as we head into the summer months. Each item has been ritually treated to bring grounding energy to its wearer. The grounding knot work allows one to explore expansion without getting swept away or burnt out.

These are limited editions. Grab yours while we still have them and enjoy a grounded summer.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

Large Stone Ring Knotting Cord Bracelet


Green Aventurine Stone Anklet

Buffalo Tooth Anklet


Diviner Annie DintinoAnnie is an initiated stick diviner, Celtic seer and Janarra descendent. She works closely with the earth to deliver deep healing to those in need as well as to her community. Annie’s passion is helping people to connect more deeply with the earth and with earth-based spirituality. She does this through divination, mini-divinations, shell work and sacred knot work. Follow Annie on Instagram
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