This is a guided visualization and meditation journey to commune with the soul of the planet and receive a message from Her.

This is the second free download offering from Strega Tree Apothecary to anyone who needs or wants it at this time. We offer it in the spirit of nurturing and rest but also for Gaia, the Earth, that we may endeavor to listen to her and commune with her soul. Access your free download here.

You will need at least one hour to carry out this journey. If you are unfamiliar with this type of journey, the instructions are simple. Follow along to the prompts and voice as much as you feel comfortable, but if at any time you feel yourself being pulled into another direction or experience in the shamanic realms, go with it. Don’t stop yourself because of the instructions or prompts being given. Allow your subconscious and spirit to take you where it wants you to go even if it is different than what is being suggested or and especially if it is different than what you expected.

Everything that comes to you in the journey: images, information, words, knowing, is what wants to be there. Often messages will only become clear later. Allow your imagination and right brain to take over. Refrain from judging yourself or what you are seeing. Relax and let the experience unfold.

Access our other free download, Journey to the Library of your Soul, here.

initiation into your moonbloodMany of us wish to nurture, help, protect and support the planet and Her life systems, but the damage to the Earth is so severe, we also understand that we may be beyond the tipping point. Because of this, many of our current efforts may feel futile. What can a prayer or making offerings do to help with the climate crisis and extinction rates that are upon us?

In an effort to help those of us who want to stay engaged while remaining aware of the annihilation and collapse of life systems that is currently occurring on our planet, I pondered and asked what we could possibly do to help the Earth from a spiritual perspective. It was tough. I had to push through a lot of grief to even listen for a message, but I did and I was told that co-dreaming with the Earth is one thing that we can do to attend to the spiritual dimensions of this crisis.

We can listen to the soul of the planet in the darkness and collaborate with her. We can rest and help Earth rest. We can synch with Earth and dream with Earth and come into intimate relationship with her evolutionary processes.

I offer this journey in the spirit of entering the ancient dream incubation temples and communing with the soul of the planet and listening for what she has to say.


©Theresa C. Dintino 2020

Theresa-dintino-divinerTheresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work. Theresa is the author of seven books which include her Tree Medicine Trilogy. Learn more about her books here. Theresa and her sister, Maria are also the creators of Nasty Women Writers, a website celebrating and giving voice to powerful women of all times and places.

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