A guided meditation journey to visit and converse with your home star.

There is a lot going on as I write this (July 2020) and as I prepared this journey for you per request of my star and wedeme friends. 

It is a good time to check in and reconnect with the part of ourselves that still resides with our star of origin, to ask for wisdom, reassurance, a message, guidance  or simply touch in with the true vastness of our beings, in order to remain both wide open and deeply centered. Change is afoot. Phew. This will help you navigate it, open to it, breathe with it, become bigger to better handle the transformational shifts happening daily.

Download this Guided Meditation Journey here.


We all incubated in a star before we incarnated into human bodies on Earth. The larger part of many of us still resides with that star. We may have lost touch with it. We may yearn to return to see what it is like or understand more about ourselves or our intent for coming to Earth


You will need at least 60 minutes to carry out this journey. Only practice this sound journey when you can offer it 100% of your attention, not while driving or attending to other matters of importance. The sound on this recording is binaural and will be best utilized with earphones if that is possible for you.Find a comfortable position, sitting or reclining, with a light covering, in case your temperature drops. Have a journal and pen available in case you wish to sketch or write after the recording.


A Meditation Journey, or guided visualization, is a time out of ordinary time to drop into a trance like state and be led on a journey that is therapeutic and restorative. Guided visualizations allow you to access delta wave lengths where you can heal the subtle body. These are often also called “shamanic journeys” or “traveling”. You will listen and be led into another dimension. The voice will lead you but it is your own personal psyche’s imagery that will participate in its own way. Though the recording is the same for everyone, what you bring to it through what lives in your subconscious mind will make the treatment unique for you. As you relax, listen and follow the voice to where you are led, you will access parts of yourself that have been waiting for you.[/

Be blessed. Be healthy. Be Stellar!

©Theresa C. Dintino 2020

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