Divination is about so much more than one on one interpersonal dialogue. Divination is community medicine. Divination has a much larger role it wishes to play within communities and with the earth. Divination has a public component that is wanting to be explored. It’s time to take it to the community.

There is a wholeness to the medicine that wishes to be articulated.

The Strega Tree Collective has for many years been working on the land with the local spirits and sacred spaces that need tending for the good of the whole. Now we are offering a class to teach others to learn these methods and techniques. The class, taught by Theresa C. Dintino, is based on her newest book: Membranes of Hope.

Membranes of Hope Classes 2022: Online and In Person Options

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From the cells in our bodies to the cosmos around us, membranes serve as boundary and container. Membranes, be they physical, spiritual or energetic, contain, protect, and inform our personal souls, families, villages, the Earth, and extend out into the universe. The role of the spirit worker has always been to tend to, support, and keep these membranes strong and supple so that what is held within them not only survives but thrives. In this 5 part course, Theresa C. Dintino defines this revolutionary concept and offers the student tools to learn how to engage in the work of caring for the membranes.

Learn more about the Concept of the Membranes by watching my playlist Membranes of Hope: Keeping Lifesystems Healthy on our Strega Tree Apothecary You Tube channel here.

Course includes 5 sessions (required to take all), one per month, beginning in April 2022.

Below are the five monthly sessions with general descriptions of what will be covered in both online and in person sessions.
Each of the five monthly sessions will have one 2-3 hour class with the option of additional labs.The labs are 3 additional one hour long, one-on-one meetings per session with Theresa. The labs offer personal, in depth guidance and consultation on the work and its progression as we move through the many layers of membranes. For example if a student decides to take the labs with the Personal Membrane session they will take the 2-3 hour class PLUS meet with Theresa three additional times within the month of April

  • Session 1: April, The Personal Membrane
    Learn about your own personal boundary and how to care for it so that you can be a centered and grounded human and spirit worker. 

  • Session 2: May, The Family Membrane
    Learn how to care for your family membranes through ancestor work and boundary setting.

  • Session 3: June, The Community or Village Membrane
    Learn how to be a caretaker for the spiritual container of your community. This includes the trees, animals, wild and plant life too.

  • Session 4: July, The Earth Membranes
    Learn to connect to the center of the earth to care for the membranes of the planet.

  • Session 5: August, The Cosmic Membranes
    Begin to understand the concept of the cosmic membranes and how to collaborate and interact with cosmic mind.

Theresa C. Dintino sketch by Mia Szarvas

Theresa C. Dintino is the author of eight books and serves as a guide and spiritual mentor to many. While attempting to reclaim and restore her ancestral medicine lineage, the Italian Strega tradition, Dintino was surprised to be “claimed” by the West African Dagara tradition of stick divination. Honored by this invitation, Dintino pursued it, and in 2011 was initiated into this potent form of divination. Besides her family and daughter, this turned out to be the greatest gift of her life.

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