Lisa Zobian Lindahl

Chittenden County, VT/Charleston, S.C.

When I was a little girl I would sit out in the woods for hours, very still, waiting to see a fairy, or a brownie. I wanted to speak with them, know their world a bit. Back then, it didn’t happen.

Whether you refer to them as elves, faeries, elementals, angels, wedeme, kontomble, or spirits, I have been in tune with them all my life. And now they speak through me.

The little girl grew up and developed a rich background in business and health advocacy. After almost 30 years as that inventor and business innovator I was eager to step out of that role to pursue more full-time my spiritual development. I studied with Deepak Chopra, got a Master’s Degree in Culture and Spirituality in California, am engaged in advanced studies with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and returned to my roots as an artist and writer. I even found a name for what I had always natively done: I am a visionary cosmologist! Meaning, I see/sense what is evolving culturally, what is coming to be needed and want to facilitate the solution for the situation and/or need. I have done this all my life, without knowing how to explain it. It is how I both build businesses and help friends and others in transition.

When initiated into the Dagara tradition I found my “spiritual family.” I am eternally grateful to the Dagara, Kontomble and the Strega Tree community for this.

I find it very satisfying to help others untangle the knots in the threads of their life, when they occur. Whether it be through stick divination (which I am quick to point out is not fortunetelling), some visionary cosmology sessions – which may feel like an intense Q&A at first – or a Tuvan Drum healing. This last is short and powerful. Originated by the shamans of Tuva, near the Russian border, I am constantly amazed at the happy outcomes many of my “drum clients” report back to me.

I am also the author of  Beauty as Action: The Way of True Beauty and How its Practice Can Change Our World.

Please feel free to contact me through the form below with any questions or visit me at my website.

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Stick Divination

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$125 First assessment, thereafter $125-$175

Sliding Scale $50-$75

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