Eleni and Amy of the Strega Tree Collective are offering this new class:

Come gather at an ancient Redwood grove.

Eleni and Amy will guide you through an afternoon of reconnecting to our tree elders through offerings and invocation.

In this class, we will delve into the practice of making offerings to the wild, the trees and the ancestors of the land. By making offerings, we are opening the door to a reciprocal relationship with these beings, making it easier to listen to what wisdom they have to share. This practice is always more powerful as a group and often a cohesive message is delivered through the collective. There will be opportunity to journal, share and process our experiences.

All offerings and rattles will be provided, but feel free to bring anything that you feel may want to come. Please bring a blanket to sit on, water bottle, packed lunch, and a journal and pen.

October 20, 2023 11am-2pm
Occidental CA

Exact location will be emailed.
~Space is limited~
register: AtTheEarthsAltar@gmail.com

Eleni Nicholas Deitz and Amy Tanzman Palmer are both initiated stick diviners in the Dagara tradition. They have decades of experience between them in the healing arts, including: herbalism, energy work, body work, speaking oracle and voice divination. Eleni and Amy are both dedicated Earth workers and medicine women in their respective lineages.

To learn more about them individually visit their websites: www.oracleandbough.com (Eleni) and www.diviningearthandsky.com (Amy)


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