Understanding and Caring for Your Personal Membrane
with Theresa C. Dintino
author of Membranes of Hope

Offered on 2 different dates and times in February 2024 (all times are PST)
Online: Thursday, February 8 at 7-9 pm & Friday, February 9, 10 am -12 pm
preregistration and prepayment is required

register here

Are you in intimate relationship with the bio-energetic container that holds you in safety and nurturing as you walk around in the world? Are you aware that this container is also called a membrane and is continuously created by the quality and condition of its interior space, your interiority, soul or inner sanctum?

Would you like to get to know this personal membrane as well as your how to take care of, learn from and be conscious of the health of your own inner space?

This class will teach you how to do just that.

The membrane is a permeable boundary with intelligence and discernment that allows in or keeps out that which it senses is appropriate for the lifesystems within it. Spiritual, etheric, or bioenergetic membranes encase and enclose lifesystems, from the cells in our bodies to the cosmos around us. They contain, protect, and inform our personal souls, families, villages, the Earth, and extend out into the universe.

The Membrane acts as a filter, screening carefully and intelligently what it allows in while preserving the integrity of the center.

The interior “soul space” creates the membrane just as the membrane creates the interior. In other words, the health of the two are intricately linked and intimately connected. All life systems have this design from a cell to a human to a community/ecosystem, and the Earth.

This Understanding and Caring for Your Personal Membrane class will focus on conveying the concept of membranes and their importance in general while assisting the participants to become intimate with their personal membrane.

Future classes will focus on the family, village, earth and cosmic membranes.

The membrane is a fractal reality of the container—contained space. When everything is in balance and healthy, we are held within countless containers of safety, we are held with layer upon layer of membranes that are permeable, yet protective.

The personal membrane is the most crucial membrane of all. If we don’t have a healthy personal membrane, the other membranes we are held within will be compromised. This first layer or container is one we are wise to return to and check in with over and over again, as it determines a large part of our experience of the world.

This 2 hour class includes three experiential segments. Once you sign up, please watch for emails (including junk and spam boxes) from stregatree.com as Theresa will be sending you a worksheet, instructions and information you will need for the class. If you do not receive these emails please reach out to Theresa at Theresa@stregatree.com.

For a deeper and more coherent experience it is recommended for participants to purchase the book, Membranes of Hope. It is discounted this month here on Strega Tree and also available in ebook format on Amazon.com.

Want to learn more about the concept of the Membranes? Below are links to several informational posts.

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Theresa C. Dintino and is diviner and author of eight books, which you can view on the books page here. Check out her new book and oracle deck co-authored with Rauri Tor, The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon



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