Ritual: This ritual will walk you through a release of what is no longer serving you. This ritual is designed to help you shed excess that you have been carrying around.

You will need:

  • A bowl of water –glass bowls are preferred but not mandatory
  • A small crystal that you do not mind giving away
  • Some flower petals

1. Place the bowl of water out under the full moon- if you can, observe the moon’s reflection in the water

2. Drop the crystal into the water

3. Take a moment to pause and ground yourself into the space

4. When you feel ready, take a handful of your flower petals. Each petal is meant to represent something you wish to release and be recycled to the earth. For example, you may want to release a worry, something that is stressful for you even a relationship that is no longer serving you.

Speak each released item out loud and then place a petal into the bowl for the item – repeat this until you have released all that you need to release.

5. Feel into your body – it should feel lighter now, supported by the moon’s recycling and cyclical energy.

6. When you feel ready, carry the bowl to another body of water like a river, pond, brook and pour the water, crystal and petals from the bowl into the water saying, ”Moon, help to remove and recycle what I no longer need.”

If there is no water available to you, don’t panic. This water can be released back to the earth repeating the same words as above.

You have now completed this ritual. Feel welcomed to share your experiences and ask follow up questions by emailing me at janarrarising at gmail.com

You may want to watch your dreams the next few nights, notice changes in your daily life or keep a journal to explore how you are feeling.

Blessed be and enjoy your moon ritual.

©Annie Dintino 2019

Diviner Annie DintinoAnnie is an initiated stick diviner, Celtic seer and Janarra descendent. She works closely with the earth to deliver deep healing to those in need as well as to her community. Annie’s passion is helping people to connect more deeply with the earth and with earth-based spirituality. She does this through divination, mini-divinations, shell work and sacred knot work. Find out more about her divination offerings and work here.

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