Week old Hibiscus offering

How are you holding up lately? With sincerity, I hope that you are healthy, occasionally seeing friends and family in person, and able to pull off most of the tasks at work and home that are required of you.  I (Sarah here) feel like I am riding the wave of stop and go with some finesse. I can never know when my child might be home for a surprise week off of school which can cause me to cancel all of my work.  When we drop back into the rhythm of school, I witness a lack of “get ‘er done abilities” and make poor use of the window of “free” time.  I am full of good intentions to accomplish my long list of tasks, but overwhelm and ADD kick in and I basically walk in circles.  I feel like I might not be alone in this, so I will share what helps me to not feel like I am letting down my team in the other realms.

Time doesn’t exist in other dimensions like it does for us.  My wedeme and Kontomble (elemental allies of wild and water) were extremely patient as I entered motherhood.  My check-ins with them dwindled, yet they remained fortified and in support of my time allotment being turned fully to parenting.  I feel that the same is happening now. I took the time to brew an offering of Hibiscus to share at one of my outdoor shrines.  And then I let it sit on the counter and never carried it outside.  This is truly due to procrastination. My allies didn’t get the energetic fuel from the tea, because I didn’t deliver it. But I know that they are watching me in the process of trying to unravel my own limitations and aware that I am trying.  In thinking about this, I decided to share about the idea of an ash promise.

In the Dagara tradition that I have been initiated into, we use ash as an offering to the other realm.  Ash is what remains after fire.

Ash promise

There is great potency in that.  It can bring cooling to fiery energy in disagreements. And it is very useful at creating a boundary and sealing off space.  For an ash promise, however, it is used as a place holder.  It is a way for me to step to the land and to let my peeps know that I am aware of the outstanding rituals, and that I will indeed get to them, but not at this time.  All ash offerings are made with the left hand, the “spirit side of the body”. It is best to be as specific as you can be, and then to make the offering to the Earth. Here is my example, “To my wedeme, Kontomble, ancestors and spirits of this land that I live on, you have requested my help with certain rituals that I might not be able to get to until after the holidays. I will share some fuel with you on my altars/shrines. Please know that i have not forgotten the work that has been laid out. I offer this ash as a promise that I will complete it once I have enough space to do so.” I share this with you, because I imagine that you too, may have the good intentions of accomplishing your spirit work but may need a little more time to come out of the stupor that this Covid stretch has caused.  Take care of yourself, those that you love, and those that love you from the other dimensions.

Blessings to all of the beings that work to raise the frequencies on the planet in all forms.

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Product of the Week~ For The Mothers

This Protective balm is for anyone who puts the needs of others before their own.

For the Mothers can be used as a restorative and soothing serum and can be added to your self care regimen.  It has been activated on the Mamane shrine which holds the nurturing and blessings of the grandmothers. It is advised to apply it over the womb, over the temples, and on the back of the neck. It is energetically an equivalent to receiving a hug from your favorite grandma. This remedy is also soothing to babies and children. It can help to calm erratic energy. You can rub it into the nape of the neck.  The trees also request this balm, especially to create a seal over cut limbs or damaged bark.  This is a way to nourish the tender heart of all beings.


Sarah Wieland is a diviner and cofounder of Strega Tree Apothecary.  She considers her divination work to be a tool to discover what is needed to tend to the Earth at this time.  Sarah feels that she is a star being living in a human body to understand how to move the light from the higher dimensions through the human body and into the Earth.  Her divinations help clients to understand how to be in right alignment.  The Wedeme and Kontomble craft beautiful rituals with her through these sessions that bring those that are willing to step into the mystery back into relationship with their elemental allies, ancestors and the Greater Powers.  She is based in Sebastopol, California but available for online sessions.


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