Our personal membranes

Membranes nurture, feed, and inform what is within them as the within feeds and supports the membranes.

Spiritual guides often suggest we work from the inside out. If this is true then one of the first membranes to attend to is the membrane around our soul—our personal membrane.

What is soul? It can be a tough word for some but my work with the membranes has taught me that it is the interior of a thing, the subjectivity, the internal and private space, often the sacred space, the holy of holies within.

A soul is a consciousness contained within and separated from its surroundings in a way that allows it to have its own integrity while living within a community of other integrated wholes.

Can we touch in with the interior of ourselves?

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The within and the without

The within nurtures the without and the without informs, protects, and contains the within. The quality of our precious interior space determines the quality of our personal membrane.

Poet John O’Donohue refers to this space as our “interiority.” He remarks on how in the Western world, this space is no longer talked about or left room for. We are not schooled in how to attend to this interior space. Instead, we are encouraged to be outward focused. O’Donohue feels there is “an evacuation of interiority going on in our time.”*

Our interiority is uniquely ours.

Our relationship to our own interiority may be the most important relationship we will ever have. Our lives are ever-evolving works of art, controlled and designed by us. Actively engaging with our own interiority helps us sculpt what we feel is delicious to us. The soul is not something outside of us. We carry it within and it is ours to interact with and shape and dance with.

We must nurture and attend to our interior—to have a healthy relationship to our personal membrane.

“It is impossible to separate the interiority of a thing from its membrane. Tending to one tends to the other. This is the subtle truth we want to understand. There is the membrane and there is the interiority, which the membrane encloses, protects, and informs. And yet, the interiority also creates and feeds the membrane. Although completely intertwined and interconnected with one another, they are not the same. You cannot have one without the other and you cannot care for one without caring for the other.” ~Membranes of Hope

Knowing our interiority helps us retain our power

This interior space is the well from which arises our will. It is what causes us to act and make decisions in the world. It is the core of what we are as a person. Being in touch with and retaining access to this place makes our actions, thoughts, and experiences authentic to who we are at our deepest core.

When we are in alignment with and acting from who we are at our deepest core, we are in our power. When we are in our power, we are not only in touch with, but are true to our core essence—that which we may call the soul.

Being in our power is being grounded in our uniqueness, our passions and beliefs, our convictions and desires, our longings and aspirations, our purpose and impetus. To use a cliché, being in our power is being true to our innermost selves—being able to speak from and for that place unapologetically with integrity.

If we know what this is and can return to it often, and let it evolve and grow with us, we will not be knocked off our center by the daily events of life or huge trials along the way.

That is what I mean by “retaining our power.” Fighting for this place means giving it priority and importance. It means giving ourselves access to this room of our own and tending to it. It means allowing ourselves to cherish ourselves.

So, no matter what is happening in the outside world, events, or day-to-day living, we have this solid, weighted, and grounded core. This, in turn, keeps our membrane strong.

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*“John O’Donohue – The Inner Landscape of Beauty.” The On Being Project, 31 Aug. 2017, https://onbeing.org/programs/john-odonohue- the-inner-landscape-of-beauty-aug2017/.

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