Wedeme Heart Blends

Earth’s elemental beings offered us these special ritual healings for the heart. Wedeme is the name for the elemental beings of the land and the wild in the Dagara tradition.The Wedeme are very concerned with the wellbeing of the Earth, and the condition of the hearts of humans. Wedeme see the human heart as a very big gift to the cosmos and the call it the “unexpected jewel” in the development of life on Earth. It is a great gift we must treasure and care for. They offer these Heart Blends in that spirit.

The Wedeme have given us these Heart Blends through an in depth, individual divination for each one. Each is a unique combination of elements specific to the healing named on each Heart Blend. You will not know the entirety of the blend and healing process you are to undergo until you receive the blend. This is how the wedeme work, to lead us through an experiential process that is unique to each healing that is indicated. We can say to you that each Heart Blend was a surprise to us as it was unveiled in the divination process and the experience of listening for these blends alone has offered us much wisdom and guidance. They are truly beautiful gifts that we are honored to share with you.

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