Six or Nine Shell Divination

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Strega Tree diviners work with cowry shells to receive information from the other realms. A pair of cut cowries is used to confirm information that is coming through. An expansion of the two-shell roll is a nine-shell roll. This is an ideal form of divination when a client has one specific question or inquiry. Nine cowry shells are thrown and then read by a trained diviner.

The diviner will read the layout of the shells to discover rituals that might be needed and the larger picture that influences the issue. This can be done in person or as a remote divination.

Choice of Diviners for Six or Nine Shell Roll is Annie, Amy, Sarah or Theresa. Choose Theresa or Sarah on this page. To book with Amy go here. To book with Annie go here.

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Sarah-in person $75, Sarah-remote, $75, Theresa-in person $150, Theresa-remote $200, Amy $30 per inquiry, Annie $30 per inquiry

1 review for Six or Nine Shell Divination

  1. mia.szarvas

    Six shell roll with Strega Tree Diviner, Annie Dintino: I was struggling with a very pivotal decision in my life. I had been perseverating for months, unable to reach a conclusion. It was suggested to me that this was the perfect kind of dilemma for a six shell divination. The experience was amazing. I was hesitant about it at first, but as the divination unfolded, I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to finally make my choice. I am now on the other side of that decision, and could not be more sure of the choice I made. I’m so grateful I did this divination, and would come back again!

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