A Bracelet to Honor the Ocean


The ocean was seeded by a meteor strike that birthed the beings of the ocean. In honoring the ocean, we are honoring the intelligence of the kontomble. The kontomble are the element of water and the elemental beings of water. When we allow the ocean to speak, to have a voice, we support the aliveness of this fertile space. This bracelet is for women who have wombs, and for anyone who honors women’s wombs. This bracelet is for a connection to the kontomble and for honoring the ocean.

This bracelet comes with a ritual for you to carry out to honor the ocean. “Water is Life.”

*the bracelet is composed of larimar, amazonite, fish bone, copper, iron, apatite, rainbow moonstone, blue moldavite and meteorite. 

The bracelet comes in two sizes, large 7.35 inches diameter and small 7 inches diameter.

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The description of the metaphysical properties of the stones chosen for this bracelet are from Love Is In The Earth by Melody.

Amazonite is soothing to all of the chakras and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart.  It enhances communication concerning love. It helps to simultaneously attune to both the spiritual dimensions and the earthly realm in order to facilitate the complete traversing of all boundaries. This allows us to access the harmonious center and to integrate duality.

Larimar  allows one to recognize self-imposed chains to facilitate freedom from the bondage of the materialistic world. It helps purge entities from one’s environment or body. It can also allow one to “see” the self from outside the realm of personal reality so that one can actualize one’s realities on the spiritual and physical planes. It can also be used to bring serenity to an environment and loving energy to those in other worlds.

Apatite is related to service and the development of humanitarian pursuits. It enables one to recognize and experience information which can be used individually and collectively. It helps with applying one’s insight and powers of manifestation. It can be used to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience with the devic worlds. It can clear mental confusion and awakens the finer, inner self.

Copper provides insight into the avenues for right-alignment. It emits a philosophic energy, free of orthodoxy or bias.

Iron brings mental and emotional balance, bestows new energies to enable one to dismiss traditional issues and facilitates “smooth sailing” in ones endeavors. It can be used to provide contact with the “fairy kingdom.” It has also been used to stimulate contact with other-worldly intelligence, enhancing the connection during the receipt of information. Iron provides insight and knowledge concerning positive moral structure in elders. Iron and copper worn together balance the energies of the body and assist one in maintaining the overall well-being of one’s body chemistry.

Moldavite is a stone which serves the inhabitants of this planet. It stimulates cooperation between extra-terrestrials and those who are experiencing life on earth at this time.

Moonstone cleanses negativity from the chakras, enhancing the feminine aspects of one’s nature while providing for spiritual nourishment. It is said to bring happiness to the environment in which it resides. It helps one attune to the biological forces of one’s body so that one can maximize, recognize and utilize the natural energy cycles.

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