Ancestral Cleansing and Rebalancing


 Diviners currently available to offer this ritual: Sarah Wieland and Theresa C. Dintino.


Sometimes imbalance in an ancestral line persists for so many generations that unhealthy patterns become entrenched in our bodies at a cellular level. One example would be an ancestral pattern of rage, which shows up as abuse.

Once this unhealthy strand is cleared it heals the entire family line.

This in depth ritual requires an initial stick divination to define the unhealthy pattern, a follow up phone call, the hour long, one on one, ritual, (in person or remotely)  and a follow up divination.

In the initial stick divination the diviner looks for the thread that has been passed down through consecutive generations and identifies the ancestor that did not carry this pattern. That ancestor then becomes the facilitator to help clear this pattern through the ritual and healing that is carried out on the client.

How Do I know if I need this Ritual?

If you experience a recurring pattern or problem that you just have not been able to clear through other means.

If you notice a persistent pattern running through your family and ancestral line.

One suggestion would be an ancestral pattern of rage.  This may play out in the male lineage and can show up as an abusive tendency.  Some people will inflict this pattern on themselves instead of on others if they have enough clarity to see that the pattern does not serve the larger community.  Patterns of abuse can become so ingrained that often we don’t know that it is possible to live free from it.






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