Ascension Blend


roll on balm

Ing: anise seed, cardamom, ginger, rose, lavender and orange EO, fractionated coconut oil.

.35 oz

Helps with digestion and clears information blockages from the 3rd chakra so we can activate the channel between our higher self and gut instinct. 

Increases clairvoyance and communication with our angelic and higher dimensional allies. 

Transmutes the frequencies of ascension, assisting our bodies in lifting their vibrational energy to match incoming evolutionary codes. 

Grounds and stabilizes the physical and etheric body in times of chaos or information overload.

Apply to inner wrists and abdomen, over navel.



Ascension Blend 

Instructions for Use and Ritual

The body’s continual digestion process can override the 3rd chakra and create a distraction from our gnostic abilities (inner wisdom). The Strega Tree Ascension Blend is a mix of essential oils that aid the body in stimulating appetite, settle the stomach and reduce bloating. The blend has been activated on our diviner Earth shrines to help move what our angelic team is calling ascension codes through the physical body to be grounded in the Earth. Our human bodies are overwhelmed by the upgrades and the increasing frequencies of the information that is streaming in to the 3D realm. The ascension blend is formulated to support the body and allow the individual to tune in to their own Higher Self in a clean and direct way. 

Suggested ritual:

Choose a time and space that allows for a few minutes of silent reflection. Find a place to sit. Roll the Strega Tree Ascension blend onto the inner wrists and over the belly button on the abdomen. Put hands in the prayer pose with the base of hands sitting on the bridge of the nose and the thumbs at the level of the third eye. Inhale, filling the lungs with a deep breath and breathing in the scent of the oils. Bring your mindful attention to the sit bones, seated on the chair or on the floor. Allow the energy of your breath to continue through the body and enter the Earth beneath you. With each exhale, envision any energy that is nonresonant with your body to roll off of its edges. It may feel or appear like steam emanating from your body or being expelled through the pores. Allow the feeling of gratitude to arise for your connection to Earth and to the grounding that you are activating.

Remove your hands from prayer position. Bring the hands to rest over the abdomen. Each with the palm facing the belly, one above the other (but not stacked on top of each other.) Bring your attention to the crown. Allow your energy field to open up the space like a whale spout above your head. Feel in to the weight of your hands over your third chakra. Allow yourself to envision that your higher self and your access to divine knowledge are accessible to you in a space an arm’s length over the head. Continue to breath in slow, expansive inhales and slow cleansing exhales. Acknowledge that divine inner guidance will be made available to you through your gut knowing. Now remove your hands from your belly and rub your palms together. Then allow them to caress your body from the crown of your head, to your shoulders, down your chest, and down your legs. Open your eyes and bring your attention back to the current moment and resume your day.

Can be repeated multiple times throughout the day. 

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