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Restore the vitality of your energetic “safety bubble” with Strega Tree Apothecary’s Auric Shield Spray.  Increase your resistance to negative media and toxic distractions that can weaken your system. This is a membrane booster. Spray above and around your body when you need a boost.

Ingredients: star water, frankincense e.o, healing charcoal, org. chalk, witch hazel, moonstone

2 oz

Approximate ritual duration: 5 minutes – can be used regularly

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This product idea came from a trusted advisor called “Papa Henry.”  He has been advising our divination community on the importance of maintaining our membranes. If we think of our skin as a layer of protection for the body that is permeable to negative influences or harm, we begin to consider ways to strengthen and support our body to keep the skin healthy. Strega Tree Apothecary’s Auric Shield Spray works the same way. It creates a larger container for our energy body which is sensitive to the deluge of toxic media, personal judgement, harmful EMFs from our tech devices.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s Auric Shield Spray has been crafted with two ingredients that help to shield and create safe space. Healing charcoal is one of our strongest medicines to cleanse the body. It is filled with prayers to balance the 5 elements of the body. Powdered chalk can open up a portal to the subtle dimensions.The chalk creates a grid around us which allows us to rest within the brilliant white light of Source.

After the blend has charged on Papa Henry’s shrine, these two particulates are filtered out.

To ward off any further intrusion into your “safety bubble”, we use a high quality frankincense essential oil. It is the perfect scent for creating sacred space. This body spray brings the harmony of those special moments when you feel at peace with the Earth into your body, creating sacred space at any time. Each 2oz bottle comes with a moonstone activator.

The Shield can be activated once a month during the New Moon phase. This literally rebuilds the membrane each month.  It is suggested to spritz the Auric Shield Spray on the 6 directions of the body.  Spray the front of the heart, the back, left, and right of the body then below the feet and above the head. It places you in the safe container of the Medicine Wheel. Regular use amplifies the luminosity of the light grid around you to strengthen your shield throughout the lunar cycle. 

6 reviews for Auric Shield Spray

  1. janarra_rising

    I have been using this auric shield spray during a very challenging time at work. It has helped me keep boundaries as well as take care of myself during tricky situations. I rely on this spray to keep me strong and safe so I can do the work I truly believe in.

  2. mia.szarvas

    Having just moved to a new city, I’ve been using this auric shield spray to protect myself in an unknown environment. If I’m feeling particularly unsure, I use the spray before going out, in order to bolster myself with the confidence that I can take on new challenges, and stay safe while doing so.

  3. cdintino

    I am a therapist and I use the auric shield daily to protect my energy and intention and avoid getting caught up in my clients’ fields of stress. Sometimes my clients use the spray in the office when they feel especially trapped in energies of regret and repetition of the past.

  4. Amy Tanzman Palmer (verified owner)

    I am part of a new moon circle and we have incorporated using the auric shield on every new moon to strengthen our fields. We spray it in the 6 directions around our bodies Everyone loves it! It feels good. As a diviner, it has become a necessary part of my practice. I use it before every divination as a way to fortify my own field and aura.

  5. Frances

    I was gifted with a bottle of Auric Shield Spray almost a year ago and I am a true believer in its power to protect and I am a chronic user. I admit, the full moons are too far apart to be the only time I call on it! I administer its protective properties every couple of weeks, especially these days. It not only helps me refocus and feel cleansed, but it does indeed enable me to move through my days with more grace by helping me repel that which is most heavily laden with negativity. When this bottle nears its end, I’ll definitely purchase another. Thank you!

  6. lauradintino4

    This shield has helped me through some rough times. Spraying this on before facing difficult situations is like having your friend or even better, your sister, by your side.

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