Beauty as Action: The Way of True Beauty and How Its Practice Can Change Our World, by Lisa Z. Lindahl


What Really Matters? Surprisingly, it is beauty—True Beauty.

We have all experienced moments of True Beauty—whether seeing a field of flowers, hearing a child laugh, or feeling in harmony with everything around us. Practicing True Beauty—not to be mistaken for glamour—puts us in synchronicity with the healing of our planet as well as on the path of spiritual evolution. Most importantly, by learning to engage with beauty more often, we can heal our cultural dysfunctions and transform our world and our role within it to be more positive and generative.


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Beauty as Action guides us on the journey to become practitioners of True Beauty through simple, everyday actions that don’t require esoteric tools or objects. With humor, anecdotes, and dashes of philosophy, author, shamanic practitioner, and inventor Lisa Z. Lindahl shows us how we can:

  • Consciously practice the pursuit and cultivation of True Beauty beyond surfaces and appearances
  • Recognize and honor the presence of True Beauty while we actively engage in creating it
  • Preserve and return the prominence of True Beauty in our global culture

For the sake of ourselves and our world, we must act now. Beauty as Action shows us how.

Lisa Z. Lindahl is a revolutionary entrepreneur, thought leader, artist, author, and advocate.

What do sports bras and a spiritual philosophy of beauty have in common? Lisa Lindahl.

Solving problems, sussing out mysteries, and looking for new answers are the hallmarks of Lisa Z. Lindahl’s remarkable life – one which has been overstocked with both challenges and triumphs, betrayals and blessings. From Sri Lanka to Vermont, running trails and hospital beds, and many stops in between Lisa has gathered stories and wisdom bits – and now she is inviting us to understand and reclaim true beauty.

Diviner Lisa Zobian LindahlLisa is also a diviner with the Strega Tree Collective who finds it very satisfying to help others untangle the knots in the threads of their life, when they occur. Whether it be through stick divination (which I am quick to point out is not fortunetelling), some visionary cosmology sessions – which may feel like an intense Q&A at first – or a Tuvan Drum healing. This last is short and powerful. Originated by the shamans of Tuva, near the Russian border, I am constantly amazed at the happy outcomes many of my “drum clients” report back to me. Learn more about Lisa here.


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