Blessing or Clearing a Place


The Strega Tree offers custom-made rituals for a place that is beloved to you or in need of healing.

Some places have no trauma while others have spirits or energies that are stuck. There are many reasons why this can occur: Trauma to the place, traumatic occurrences on the location, ancestral distress, pollution, infraction, etc.

Blessings for a place may include: blessing of a new home, consecrating a ritual space, setting up a shrine, creating a peace garden or area dedicated to a certain energy or entity, bringing a baby home, closing up the energies of a place we are leaving.

For this ritual, two Strega Tree diviners work together in order to verify and confirm information coming through. They perform the initial divination together to discover what is needed for the blessing or healing, communicate with the client and carry out the rituals required.

For groups or individuals within a certain radius of our diviners, your physical participation is encouraged. This could be done remotely as well—some rituals to be carried out by the client on site and some by the diviners remotely.


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