Dragon’s Blood Tree Resin 1 oz


Though this resin has nothing to do with “actual” dragons it carries the enchantment of dragons with it. Most of us working in the spiritual realms have to admit that even when we do feel that we have worked with a dragon or been contacted by a dragon or made an offering to a dragon, dragons remain an elusive mystery.

This resin is from a tree, not a dragon, yet humans have associated it with dragons for many centuries. When we use it, buy it, burn it, offer it, crush is, we are inviting the mystery that is dragons into our lives and work.

Dragons are ancient, they fly, they can cross dimensional boundaries, they have all kinds of magic and they breathe fire!! Dragons are super cool and they will come to you and talk to you and tell you things but you will not be able to pin them down and this is as it should be.

Burn this resin and invite in the mystery. Crush some up and offer it to the inner earth, mix some with shea butter to rub on a tree for healing and nurturing, pour some over rocks, for sustenance and power, activate the mystery and magic and in your life, 

Call on the dragons.

About Using Charcoal Burners

The charcoal burners, which are also for sale here, are to be used with a fireproof bowl or plate. You can fill your burner half full of some ash, sand or small rocks to help absorb some of the heat, otherwise you will need a potholder. It will get very hot. Light the briquette on the bottom with a match or lighter. When it begins to spark, set it into the fire or heatproof bowl or plate. Allow it to heat up until the entire charcoal is turned white. Only then is it ready to have the resin put onto it. If you do it too early, it will burn your resin. Once placed on the ready charcoal, the resins will release an aromatic smoke that is both medicinal and feeds the spirits in the other dimensions. If you have shrines, be sure to offer some of the smoke to them. Be mindful of smoke alarms.

This product is sourced from India and is non edible.

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Tree resins are fluids (hydrocarbons) secreted from trees. They release these fluids which turn into resins to protect and seal an injury, so in effect, they are a healing and sealing property secreted by the tree for the tree. The fact that we humans and beings in other dimensions can benefit from them (by eating them, using them in essential oils and burning them for their smoke) is a gift from the trees. Though many people use resins, many may easily forget that they are a gift from the trees.

Wedeme tell us that tree resins and the smoke from burning them are great food for the spirits in other dimensions and a great way to feed the elemental beings, most especially the wedeme who live in the 2nd dimension, the telluric realm of the Earth. This is good food for the elemental beings to do their work to aid the Earth in her recovery. 

Tree resins are a form of tree medicine. The Strega Tree Collective makes a variety of precious tree medicines. Some are included in our products.Tree resins are different than those that we make but they are also a form of tree medicine.

Trees have been on Earth a lot longer than humans. Humans evolved within the lifesystems created by the trees. Trees are our great friends and allies, and indeed our elders. Trees created many of the hormones in our bodies and so can provide a lot of healing energy and medicines for us. That is why humans respond so well to tree medicines. Burning tree resins and inhaling the smoke help to strengthen our auric fields. “It gives them substance.” If you are engaged in a new idea, project or trying to embrace a new energetic concept, tree resins are vey helpful for this.

Strega Tree Apothecary offers these resins to you to feed the allies you have in the spiritual dimensions and also most especially to feed the wedeme of a place. Burning these in the wild (when the risk of fire is not present or burning responsibly when it is) feeds the elemental beings of the place. This is a very important thing to do at this time on the planet as the elemental beings have been neglected for so long.


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