Genuine Copper and Amethyst Bracelet to Honor and Protect a Woman’s Unique and Personal Spiritual Journey

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This Genuine Copper and Amethyst Lotus Bracelet is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to her own spirit path. Whatever that is, however she wishes to embody and embrace it, we offer this bracelet as a way for her to honor and protect it.

This bracelet has been activated on the Shrine of the Sacred Female for three consecutive nights.

What is Medicine Jewelry?

Medicine Jewelry is the term used for items of adornment that have certain properties that can assist and support us in our spiritual work. Metals like copper and silver, as well as certain stones, are very receptive and conductive. The spirits can use the conductivity to communicate with us or store information that will be available to us when needed.

Medicine Jewelry is also very protective. The entity called into the jewelry: tree, moon, wedeme, animal spirit, copper, will use the energy of the piece to guard and protect us.

Strega Tree Diviners tend to and work with very potent shrines dedicated to specific entities. It is through their longstanding and devotional relationships to these entities that they are able to activate these bracelets.


Every woman’s spiritual journey is different. The one thing that is the same is that it is a woman’s journey.

giBarbara G. Walker tells us that copper is the metal of women, associated with Venus because copper was sacred to the Goddess ever since her major shrine was located in Cyprus, the isle of copper. The alchemical symbol for copper is the same as the symbol for Venus the planet of life, love and sexuality. The word Veneration used to mean “the worship of Venus.”

The lotus is the symbol of the womb of nature, the golden lotus that existed before creation and gave birth to all creation. It is the cosmic Yoni, the flower of life. (from: The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara G. Walker)

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It facilitates the transmutation of lower energies to higher frequencies, both spiritual and ethereal. It represents metamorphosis. (from: Love is in the Earth by Melanie)

1 review for Genuine Copper and Amethyst Bracelet to Honor and Protect a Woman’s Unique and Personal Spiritual Journey

  1. mia.szarvas

    I absolutely love my copper and amethyst lotus bracelet. It is beautifully made, with excellent attention to detail. The copper and amethyst compliment each other and each catch and reflect sunlight in a unique way. It fits any wrist size due to its flexible form, which also makes it extremely easy to put on (and fun to play with!). It pairs with almost anything and is durable (I’ve had mine for a while and there is no tarnish on the beads and the structure is perfect). Besides its aesthetics, this bracelet does its job well. I always wear it when I want some extra support, protection, or a boost to my personal confidence in whatever journey I am on that day. When I wear this bracelet, I feel connected to myself and my ancestors, and I feel protected. 5 stars!

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