Genuine Copper and Jade Stone Tree Bracelet to Honor and Increase Your Connection To The Trees

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Genuine copper “heishi” beads from Ethiopia and African Jade Stone beads make this a powerful addition to your medicine jewelry.

This bracelet has been activated on the Earth shrine for three consecutive nights.

What is Medicine Jewelry?

Medicine Jewelry is the term used for items of adornment that have certain properties that can assist and support us in our spiritual work. Metals like copper and silver, as well as certain stones, are very receptive and conductive. The spirits can use the conductivity to communicate with us or store information that will be available to us when needed.

Medicine Jewelry is also very protective. The entity called into the jewelry: tree, moon, wedeme, animal spirit, copper, will use the energy of the piece to guard and protect us.

Strega Tree Diviners tend to and work with very potent shrines dedicated to specific entities. It is through their longstanding and devotional relationships to these entities that they are able to activate these bracelets.

Medicine Jewelry likes to be “fed” in exchange for the work it provides for us. Offer it a bit of clear spirits like vodka now and then to reactivate and enliven it.

Medicine women have always been in deep communion with the Trees. In fact the Italian word for grove, “boschetto,” also means coven. Here at Strega Tree we know them as our biggest allies and teachers. We spend much of our time listening to the trees. We offer this bracelet to you to increase and honor your relationship with these powerful and wise beings.

Because they are connected to the stars and the inner earth, trees are always in right alignment. Because of this, they can help guide us in our journeys through life. They often speak to us about how to remain in right alignment with our soul purpose and with the Earth. The trees live much longer than humans and that is why they truly are our elders. If we sit with the trees we can listen deeply to their wisdom and receive the support and care we long for.

All trees are connected to the world tree – the tree that shamans journey to in order to gain insight and healing – the central axis of the universe. This bracelet will allow you to begin to learn about time travel and connect you to the tree priestesses of the past who often wore copper bracelets. It will enhance your ability to recover memory and information from these other times that is needed and can be useful now.

We need the trees now and the trees need us. If you wish to increase or begin your connection to the trees, many will benefit.




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To form a relationship with one or more trees, begin by noticing which trees want to speak to you. You will know this by the trees you find yourself attracted to. Once you determine which tree (or trees) this is, make an offering of milk at the base of the tree. Tell the tree that you wish to begin to form a relationship with it, and if it has things to tell you, you are open to listening.


Understand that these communications may come in the form of dreams, insights or communications even when you are not near the tree. If you can find time in your schedule to sit near the tree, that is a very good things to do. Do not be disappointed if you don’t hear anything linear as you sit near the tree, The trees have their own language and will speak to everyone in different ways. You must learn the tree’s language and your own form of listening. This takes time. Think of it as a courtship.

~From Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones by Theresa C. Dintino

The Powers of Copper: Copper enhances the power of the stones around it. It stimulates flow and increases psychic abilities, it amplifies thoughts. Copper moves energy and information between physical and spiritual realms.(from crystalpedia)

The Powers of Jade Stone: Known as the “dream stone,” jade enhances our dreams and dream work. It assists one in accessing the spiritual worlds. Jade Stone helps one achieve their aspirations and ambitions.(from Love is in the Earth by Melody)

1 review for Genuine Copper and Jade Stone Tree Bracelet to Honor and Increase Your Connection To The Trees

  1. Amy Tanzman Palmer

    This bracelet was a gift from my husband. I wear it every time I am in ritual and feel it really connects me to the trees. It feels like wearing it makes listening to the messages of the trees easier. The copper beads are so beautiful and unique.

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