Group Theme Divination

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Great for communities who are holding questions and need guidance from the otherworld. Group theme divinations are for a group of people—family, couple, community, school groups, class parents—who want to hear what the ancestors, elemental beings and other entities have to say about a certain issue.

Everyone in the group meets with the diviner together for these inquiries.

Options of diviners for group divinations are Eleni, Amy, Annie, Sarah, Vivien, and Theresa.  Choose Theresa or Sarah on this page. To book with Annie go here. To book with Amy go here. To Book with Vivien go here. To book with Eleni go here.


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Sarah 200, Vivien 200, Theresa 300, Annie $35 per person, minimum 5 people, Amy 150

1 review for Group Theme Divination

  1. cdintino

    I had the pleasure of participating in a group theme divination. It was a group experience that I will always cherish. The communication was open, loving and daring. The rituals helped us access our inner truths and wisdom. As a group, we were able to focus and identify a purpose. This purpose has provided direction and guides the actions each of us will take in our lives. I am eager to have more of these life changing experiences.

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